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Ask for what you want, you'll be delighted you did!

Ever heard this?

“Life will give you what you ask of it?”

Modern day visionaries, such as Oprah, Bill Gates and yes, even our beloved dog, Savannah (more on her in just a minute), understand this and ASK for what they want –  Big or small, knowing what you want, deciding to go for it & asking for support is like a magic formula….. the Universe  does delivers.

All of us have comfort zones – a “set point” of where we tend to fall back to, a status quo…our own personal “default setting”.

We have body weight points set – (substantiated by clinical data)

We have financial set points – (we tend to earn, on average, the same, month, after month, after month)

We have relationship set points – (do you know anyone who falls for the same type of person over and over again?)

We also have mental set points – (these are our attitudes and beliefs about our businesses and personal lives)

What I have learned in my own personal experience & coaching hundreds of clients is that we can override our default behavior ( our comfort zone) and really go for what we want.

Want to reach a money goal you have for your business this year?

Want to increase the  number of clients you serve in the next 90 days?

Want to write & publish your first book?

Want  a deep,soulful, intimate relationship?

It starts with your desire, then making the decision and then asking for what you want.

What are your beliefs about what you can and cannot  do?  These beliefs are exactly what drive your results.

It’s easy to get caught up in the problems we face and focus our time and energy there.  Albert Einsteins’ famous quote, “you cannot solve the problem at the level it was created” is so true!

What do you want? Really want?  Say it out loud. Write it down. Share with a close friend. Get a coach. Focus your attention on this goal.

Here’s a great case study to inspire you:

Our loyal, yellow lab, Savannah (who,sadly has since passed away) was a pro at getting what she wanted.  Each morning @ 8:30 am sharp, Savannah  began her barking  routine.  Loudly. Persistently. It used to drive us all crazy. What was all the commotion about?  We discovered the neighbor lady walked her dog by our house every morning at precisely 8:30 am.   Savannah had a plan. She would  bark until they we come to our yard for a  quick dog to dog visit & then she’d get a doggie treat.  Mission accomplished. The barking? Over. No need now.   Savannah was a smart dog. She knew what she wanted. She asked for what she wanted.( In this case, barked for what she wants, but you get the idea :)) She was persistent. She followed through. She got what she wanted.

Quick Coaching  Tip for the Week
1. Decide what you want
2. Create your plan to achieve it
3. Start ASKING for what you want. Who and what do you need to make this goal a reality? ASK for it, and chances are in your favor. (And, don’t forget to be persistent & bark a little bit!)

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