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Spark your dreams by taking action,today.

I recently read this passage about dreams written by Sam Grawe, Editor-in-Chief of Dwell Magazine. Here it is:

“I think it says it all about the importance of dreams and realizing them: “Many of us stockpile dreams for years, cataloging and filing them away for later. Some of our heads are so full of them that it is hard to believe there is enough room for them all.

If space does become a concern, one of the best places to store a dream is in reality. Once your dream has been realized, it is technically no longer your dream, but it may serve as inspiration for other peoples’ dreams, in which case, it is still something of a dream.

There is something of a dream in almost everything around us.”

Did reading this spark a fire within you like it did for me? I ask you: What dream are you putting on the back burner that you take a small, easy and doable action on TODAY?

If you dream to build your business online, take that first step and create or upgrade your free and valuable give-away report and share it with your contacts.

If you dream to meet your “soul-partner”, get out there and circulate. Attend an event this weekend.

If you dream to make a difference, get into action and support a cause that is dear to you.

If you dream to dance, set up your first dance lesson.

If you dream to paint. Go buy paints and a palette.

We truly are all in this together. By being true to your own dreams, you become a source of inspiration for others to live their dreams.

Dream big. Take a baby step. Start now.

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