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Learn to Say No, So You Can Say Yes

You’ve seen the movie, The Secret, you’ve made a Vision Board, you are self-correcting self-limiting thoughts. You are doing lots of the “right” things to achieve those big goals of yours.

But wait… things aren’t exactly going the way you would like them to. You are up to your eyeballs with personal and work commitments. You feel stressed and overworked!

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Do Big Things!

Are you living a compelling life? Do you get up every morning excited because you want to engage with your business and your life? Yes or No? If yes, fantastic! If no, why not? Is life ok but a bit “hum drum, same old, same old”? Does your business feel like “endless work”?

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Are You Motivated and On Track?

How to Keep Your Dreams Alive and Kicking!

Just like your Business Plan needs periodic updates, so does your Vision Plan (and I’m not talking about your eye care insurance coverage!). Your Vision Plan is an Essential Element to your success. What we think about, comes about. There’s just no way around this ancient truth. So what exactly is a Vision Plan? A Vision Plan is a written script of what your ideal “scenario” looks like. Your Vision may be for the year ahead, or you may do several versions, in time increments of your choice. What do you sincerely hope to be, feel, and experience in the next 6 months? What about the next 12 months?

One of the biggest challenges that I hear busy professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners say is that they are so overwhelmed with all there is to do, that they quickly lose sight of the big dream, the big “Why” for what they are doing. Their energy is tied up in “surviving” vs. thriving. The key to unlock from the struggle, work hard mode is to turn on your own “Brain Power.”

Did you know that there is scientific research which confirms and validates the tangible benefits to visualizing? Daydreaming actually can give you a big payoff! Here’s why:

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Feel Your Fear PodCast with Diana Long the Results Expert

Running from fear can hinder your business and personal success… learn how to feel your fear and enjoy success in every area of your life.


To Your Success,

Diana Long

The Results Expert

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