• New Web Site and Blog, New Writing Career and More Life Balance

    “Working with Diana over the course of our nine-month program was a blessing. Articulating goals and developing a plan of action are always good things to do and Diana is a master at helping illuminate one’s fondest hopes and deepest desires. At the same time, in spite of our best-laid plans, life happens, as it did in my case. Diana’s guidance was invaluable as half way through our program, because of unforeseen family circumstances, I had to go back to the drawing board and start over. She was like a creative and compassionate, human GPS. We re-configured my timeline and found alternative routes without having to scrap the journey entirely. Faced with such daunting circumstances, it would have been all too easy to throw up my hands and quit. With her assistance, however, I got my web page up and functioning, began blogging as a way of actually writing my book and found fertile real estate in the field of personal historian where I can cultivate and continue to expand my writing. At the end of our time together, I launched my personal history business, Writes of Passage. Being coached with Diana is time and money well spent. Did I mention that it was also great fun and we laughed a bunch? That too!”

    Pam Spence


  • Successfully Launched Brand New Business

    “Diana helped me to focus my energies and revitalize my passion for my business. I felt better immediately after my first session with Diana; although at that time I still couldn’t see the light to how everything would turn around, I knew that if I trusted the process and the synergy I felt. After a few sessions, Diana asked me to complete an exercise. Her instructions were simple enough & that little homework assignment was the catalyst for my brand new business.
My new apparel company has gotten lots of amazing PR including swag bags for the Sundance Film Festival, a write up in Playboy magazine, our shirts being worn on national TV programs like The Jimmy Fallon show and Chelsea Lately, and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, just to name a few. There is no doubt that we have a real brand on our hands! The process also reenergized me about my primary business and has led to several projects for it as well. Working with Diana lit a spark in me that created a fire that’s still roaring over a year later.”

  • Wrote & Published Book which was endorsed by Dr Michael Beckwith from the movie “The Secret”

    “Diana’s powerfully effective approach is about helping you tap into your inner wisdom that has been with you all along. Her relentless focus on digging deeper will bring out your self-limiting beliefs, where she will then pounce on them like a cat and “call you out.” She pulls no punches! She is extremely bright, fast on her feet, intuitive, well read, and eclectic in her arsenal of tools. The only thing that could possibly hold you back is your own attitude, so be prepared to give up your excuses.
    I am a busy physician who has worked with other high-profile coaches. In terms of helping me achieve my personal goals of coaching, I can easily say that Diana has been the best by far! One of my dreams come true? I’ve written my first book, which will soon be published. It is without reservation that I recommend Diana Long as a Personal Coach if you truly believe you are ready to get the results you want!”