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How to Breakthrough Your Inner Conflicts

Why is it so hard to change?

We all have competing selves and competing commitments. Psychologists call  it“cognitive dissonance”; a state of discomfort that we experience when we say we want one thing but do another.

It’s also called “resistance”.

A slim little book that I highly recommend to clients and friends alike is The War of Art- How to Breakhrough the Blocks and Win your Inner Creative Battles” by Steven Pressfield, well known writer of  The Legend of Bagger Vance among many others. The focus of this book is how to break loose of the grip that resistance has on our lives.

Resistance wears many disguises. We unconsciously choose from  elaborate systems of distractions, denial, addictions, shopping, watching tv, gossiping, chasing yet another “shiny object” and other  behaviors that keep us occupied and not feeling our feelings.

What feelings, you may ask?

We go to great lengths to avoid feeling uncomfortable feelings.  Truth is that if you are going to make a big change in your life, it’s going to provoke some of your “stuff”. Your “stuff” ( not a clinical term :)) are those feelings of “not enough”- I’m not smart enough, I”m not good enough, I’m not deserving”, I’m overwhelmed etc etc.

Here’s how it happens. You set your goal:  ask for more money, launch a new product, increase your company sales, lose weight or stick to an exercise program. You’re excited and motivated to achieve this particular goal.  You make an action plan and start taking action. Then  a day,or week or two pass and you stop following through with said action steps. You are too busy, tired, pre-occupied, etc etc.  Your inner dialogue is beating you up. You give up and the goal gets put on the back burner.

This pattern of starting and not finishing is downright painful. Most people deal with living in inconsistencies, denial, and constantly battling with inner selves.

Though it doesn’t have to be this way.

The first step is to identify your strongest desires and goals AND identify your competing drives. ( You may need to dig a little to understand why you are self-sabotaging)

For example, if your goal is to lose weight, you’ll want to look at why you are where you are right now. How has extra weight served you? Maybe if you are heavier, you stay home more and don’t socialize, keeping you “safe” Perhaps eating is a way for you to calm down your stress. Maybe you associate delicious meals with friendship and connection. There are actually good reasons why we keep doing what we say we want to change. Payoffs can be forms of protection and comfort.

Another good question to ask yourself: What will it cost me if I don’t make this change?

Most of us have goals that we have resistance to. When we name it, we can address it.

By …

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spark your creativity with these 3 easy tips

Don’t you just love it when a great idea pops into your brain?

Have you noticed that your best ideas seem to show up “out of nowhere”, unannounced and often unbidden?

Brain research reveals that creative thinking comes from our right-brain, the part of our brain that is intuitive and instinctive.

Daniel Pink, the author of A Whole New Mind, states that the era of “left brain” dominance is giving way to a more integrated approach that includes and values the gifts of our right-brain; creativity and intuition. This blending of both sides of our brain allow for, as Pink suggests, a whole new world. A whole new world of possibilities.

Sometimes all it takes is one good idea.Right?

Consider what one good idea could do for you such as:

solve a business dilemma that is keeping you awake at night

make you a sweet bundle of money

show you how to combine two of your favorite activities into a viable business

The possibilities are endless. An article in Wired magazine was quoted to say” right- brainers will rule the future”. It’s easy to get caught up in left-brain, linear mode but sometimes, the missing ingredient is the creative edge which makes all the difference.

Here are 3 quick tips on how to nurture your right-brain + boost your creative potential starting today…

1. Set up daily routines- By putting ordinary things on auto-pilot,we are able to conserve valuable psychic and physical energy so that we have room for our creative ideas surface.

2. Be in nature- a walk in the woods or sitting on a park bench is akin to rolling out the welcome mat to our creativity. Say, hello to your inner brilliance!

3.Be different- Try new foods, read books in an unusual genre,go a new way to work, meet new people. These novel experiences activate your right brain. You’ll see things differently and find yourself coming up with new ways of thinking and doing.


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Spark your dreams by taking action,today.

I recently read this passage about dreams written by Sam Grawe, Editor-in-Chief of Dwell Magazine. Here it is:

“I think it says it all about the importance of dreams and realizing them: “Many of us stockpile dreams for years, cataloging and filing them away for later. Some of our heads are so full of them that it is hard to believe there is enough room for them all.

If space does become a concern, one of the best places to store a dream is in reality. Once your dream has been realized, it is technically no longer your dream, but it may serve as inspiration for other peoples’ dreams, in which case, it is still something of a dream.

There is something of a dream in almost everything around us.”

Did reading this spark a fire within you like it did for me? I ask you: What dream are you putting on the back burner that you take a small, easy and doable action on TODAY?

If you dream to build your business online, take that first step and create or upgrade your free and valuable give-away report and share it with your contacts.

If you dream to meet your “soul-partner”, get out there and circulate. Attend an event this weekend.

If you dream to make a difference, get into action and support a cause that is dear to you.

If you dream to dance, set up your first dance lesson.

If you dream to paint. Go buy paints and a palette.

We truly are all in this together. By being true to your own dreams, you become a source of inspiration for others to live their dreams.

Dream big. Take a baby step. Start now.

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DreamREAL Interview Series Presents Mike Jaffe

DreamREAL-interview Series kicks off this week with Mike Jaffe. Mike Jaffe

Mike is a 9-11 survivor who has transformed his life and serves as “The Human WakeUp Call”

Listen to this powerful and inspiring interview. I promise you , you’ll be motivated and engaged as you listen to Mike share his personal story and his dedication to not only live his own unique version of the dream life, but to share how you can,too.

Click here to listen to the interview:

DreamREAL interview with Mike Jaffe,The Human Wake Up Call

Mike has a brand new book launching this summer of 2011. To learn more about Mike Jaffe, check out his web site here

To watch the Dream REAL Interview Serie go to the Media page and click on DREAM REAL INTERVIEW SERIES.



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