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the connection between clutter, cash and golden opportunities

Spring! Glorious Spring.

Things are beginning to green up  again and the shoots of daffodils, tulips, and crocus are pushing their way out of the dark, cool ground.

Over the weekend, my husband and I took stock of what  the effects of winter winds,snow & ice storms  created in our own backyard.

Tons of debris was  left over from this past season.

Dead wood, fallen branches, and moldy leaves needed to be cleared.

As we all know, we’ve got to clear out the old so the new can come in. And for  new growth to take hold and flourish, as garden experts tell you, the old dead “stuff”  must be collected and removed.

What clutter have you accumulated in this past season?

What stands in the way of your dreams, your goals, and your version of your ideal business and life?

What are your dreams? Do you long to write and publish your own book? Paint in watercolors? Write a screenplay that will be adapted into a blockbuster movie? Break the 7 figure mark?

What is the “stuff” that is cramping your style your style, holding you back from realizing your dreams and goals?

Napoleon Hill was quoted to say, “If your mind can conceive it, and you believe it, you can achieve it.” In order for your personal garden to grow and thrive, for you to live the life you were meant to live, it is so crucial to identify and RELEASE the mental & physical clutter that holds you back.

Spring clean your attitudes, resentment, attachments, fears,limiting beliefs and doubts and watch how clearing this clutter brings you an abundance of opportunities, cash, and new connections.

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Simplicity is Power

Doing what's most important & letting go of all the rest

Got overwhelm?

Join the club. ( There’s are a lot of members!)

Try this experiment today: Ask everybody you meet today: “how are you?”

The probability is extremely high that you will hear:

“Ok…., but  I am really swamped.”

“I can’t seem to get “it”( fill in the blank) all done.”

“I just don’t have enough time. ”

We are all swimming, some of us drowning in the sea of “too much”  Too much to do, too much to process, too many people to respond to, too many things to read, do, execute, etc etc etc.

Wouldn’t you rather have less stress? Fewer problems? More ease?

I thought so!

Join me at “No Problem Bridge” .

Seriously, No Problem Bridge really exists. ( I snapped this photo this  in Aspen,Colorado near John Denver’s memorial park)

The best practice to reduce the stress in your life and in your business is to Simplify.

Author Bill Jenson writes in Simplicity, the New Competitive  Advantage, that simplicity is about power.

Simplicity is the power to do less ( of what doesn’t matter)

Simplicity is the power to do more ( of what does matter)

Big difference.

Imagine that you have clarity, focus and are in flow with all of your projects. Your creativity is in high gear. You’ve got the resources. The right people show up at just the right time to help you accomplish your outcome. Your energy level is high. You feel great. Things get done. Life is good.

Each of us can have this experience.

The key is to simplify. Do an honest inventory and  let go of what no longer is a fit for you in your business  or your life.

Coaching challenge for you this week?

Streamline your life. Simplify. Downsize. Clear the Clutter.

Your end result?

Radically fewer problems. Less drama. Less stress.

Life on purpose, without all the “fillers’


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5 Top Ways to Systemize and Simplify

If you are like a lot of people I meet, you probably have too much on your plate. Your Blackberry is jam-packed with all the commitments you have to keep. At the end of the day, do you find yourself wondering, “Where did the time go?”, AND are you frustrated because there’s so much more that you want to accomplish?! Here are 5 tips to help you “button up” your life so it’s a lot less hectic and more streamlined. Follow these guidelines and I guarantee that life will easier and you’ll get your life back!

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