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“Working with Diana has helped me improve my basketball game, my love life and the amount of money clients pay me for my services! Diana Long is absolutely in the top 1/10 of 1% of the most insightful coaches available today.”
– Christian Mickelsen

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How to Keep Your Dream Alive No Matter What

A client recently shared that she felt like she’s been on a roller coaster the past couple of months, with ups, downs and everything in between. The challenge she brought to our coaching session was, “how can I keep momentum with my big dream of moving to Europe when I’ve got such a demanding schedule. On top of that, her “dream job’ search was going nowhere. In a tight and competitive market, she had received multiple rejections and was beginning to sink into self-doubt and fear for her future. This scenario is a common experience. Rarely do we decide to pursue something big and exciting without setbacks.

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Take Your Relationship to the Next-Level

Do you have a relationship that you wish was better- such as your co-worker, your partner, or a family member? Most of us would answer that with an emphatic yes! Relationships that are strong and healthy add so much fulfillment to our lives. Yet, when relationships are “off” (especially our closest relationships), they become a source of frustration and stress. You want it to be better, yet you don’t know how to make that happen, and the frustration and unhappiness can drag on for too long…sometimes to the point of ending the relationship. There is a solution.

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Set Yourself up for Success

Are you fully present in your life? Or if truth be told, you feel like time moves too fast and that you are on a treadmill of grinding and hustling your way to the “Next-Thing”? I’ve got good news. There is a much better and more effective way to achieve even your biggest, most audacious goals! You will want to include this vital success strategy…Integration Time. What is integration time? It is the simple (and enjoyable) practice of acknowledging the small wins all along the way to the ‘Big Goal”. If you aren’t actively integrating, you are robbed of the present moment.

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