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“Working with Diana has helped me improve my basketball game, my love life and the amount of money clients pay me for my services! Diana Long is absolutely in the top 1/10 of 1% of the most insightful coaches available today.”
– Christian Mickelsen

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Set Yourself up for Success

Are you fully present in your life? Or if truth be told, you feel like time moves too fast and that you are on a treadmill of grinding and hustling your way to the “Next-Thing”? I’ve got good news. There is a much better and more effective way to achieve even your biggest, most audacious goals! You will want to include this vital success strategy…Integration Time. What is integration time? It is the simple (and enjoyable) practice of acknowledging the small wins all along the way to the ‘Big Goal”. If you aren’t actively integrating, you are robbed of the present moment.

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Stargazing in Suburbia

Years ago, when I was in San Diego to lead a coach certification training, I discovered a beautiful small beach near where I was staying. At the end of the last training day, I felt inspired and grateful, and I was also …very tired. It had been a long week of transformational teaching and coaching. As I drove to my hotel that evening, I suddenly got an internal nudge to go to the beach again before I flew back to Ohio. So I did. The sky was pitch black and illuminated with hundreds of twinkling stars and a gorgeous full moon. I was the only person there.

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What is your BIG Why?

This past week, I had a great conversation with my friend and colleague, Tiamo. We discussed everything, catching up on life and family and comparing notes on authoring our new books. The conversation morphed into such an interesting topic. Tiamo asked me how I planned to market my new book, Dream It, Design It, Live It- The Ultimate Guide to Manifesting Your Next-Level Life. (Which I am excited to share will be published on October 26, 2023 by Hybrid Global! More on that to come!) If he had asked me this last year, I would have an entirely different answer than what I shared with him.

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