Are you crystal clear on what you truly want for your life and for your business ? Have you put your “stake in the sand” for what you want…. for what you believe in?

Now is the time.

Author-scientist Gregg Braden teaches, we are in an unprecedented time on the planet and that human beings are moving into higher levels of consciousness. Braden calls the shift of higher consciousness a shift to the 4th Level.

Based on extensive research and calculations, Braden teaches that we are ending a cycle of 26,000 years and that the date 12-21-12 is a significant milestone for humanity. He states that the change that accompanies the this remarkable convergence of cycles is the opportunity for all of us to wipe away patterns that we have outgrown from the past and the perfect time for us to set new healthy patterns and decisions. We are at a time in human history that is on the cusp of great change. One doesn’t have to look far to know that this is true. We’ve watched as many old institutions and ways of doing business are crumbling before our eyes. It is a time to let go of what no longer works and to define and act on what will serve all of us.

Gregg is a fascinating, highly educated,prolific author & researcher extraordinaire and I highly recommend his books. His latest, Fractal Time , goes into great depth and detail about these life changing findings.

The stage is set.

We are at a Choice-Point.

The world is ready for all of us to trust ourselves more and to show up with more grace, more courage and strength. What are the desires of your heart? What are you designed for? What will be your legacy gift(s)? What are the desires of your heart? Trust the answers you receive.

There is not a better time than now, to put your stake in the sand and walk your path.

What do you choose?