Plain and simple, here are 5 really good ideas for all business owners to create more leads, close more sales, and make more money with your products and services:

1. Be Authentic – Now more than ever, people are craving the “real deal”. They want Authenticity and Truth. They want to work with and buy products from people they like, know, and can Trust. Let the public get to know you! Share some of your personal interests via your newsletters, blogs, and networking venues (online and in person).

2. Look outside of your industry for new ideas – A lot of business owners “hang out”, study, and attend conferences that are within their specific industry. It’s typically the “norm” but here’s a tip that can boost your bottom line. Branch out by attending conferences, participating in programs, and reading books that are outside of your industry. It will open up your eyes to fresh, creative new ways to offer your product or service. Stand out from the crowd and prosper!

3. Quality Does Matter – Is your product or service unparalleled? It’s most likely that there is room for upgrading what you have to offer. People love what’s “new”. Perhaps you can re-purpose an existing product, add new material to your book or coaching program, or freshen up your packaging.

4. Provide a Solution that Fills Their Need – A mistake we can make as business owners is getting all fired up about a new product/service only to discover no one wants to buy it! Conduct surveys, host an advisory meeting, and role-play being in your customers’ shoes. What is their biggest “pain”? Design your product/service to solve it!

5. Give more “WOW!! Factor” – What are some “customized to your client” touches that you can add to your product/service? Affluent customers like and are looking for high quality, personalized services. Do you have what it takes to get their attention?

To Your Success,

Diana Long

The Results Expert