Do you think, talk, and act like a CEO?

If you own your own business or are an independent professional, then you should be!

Because you are a CEO!

When you open your business, you’ve crowned yourself the CEO, so it’s best to embrace it.

The fact is that you simply cannot become wealthy doing $20/hour jobs.

It is crucial that you learn to value your time.

Michael Gerber, noted for his books on entrepreneurial success including the classic The E-Myth, teaches us that business owners must learn to work ON your business not just IN it.

Here’s a success tactic that you can implement today:

Carve out one hour on your calendar for your meeting with the CEO, (that would be YOU!). Put on your “visionary” hat then access and identify exactly what your big vision is for your business.

Your Big Vision for your business… not your goals, not more items to add to the to-do list — your Big Vision.

Don’t jump the gun and rush immediately into “action, do, do, do” mode.

If you don’t recognize and treat yourself as the CEO, then your business will be limited in its ability to grow and thrive. ¬†All of your energy will be tied up in reacting, putting out the “fires,” and being the “everything and everyone” in your business.

Excellent leaders always start with their dreams first. Then from their dreams, leaders access their Big Vision. Once the vision is articulated, then a master plan can be put into place with a team to support the vision!

The key?

Step into your CEO shoes and manage your company from a position of strength, courage, and vision. Put together a great team and get to work.

Your bank account will notice the difference!

To Your Success,

Diana Long

The Results Expert