If you want to take your income, your relationships, or your health to the next level but you can’t seem to find the time to squeeze that priority into your over- filled calendar, this is for you.

The strategy I have for you is counterintuitive AND it works!

But first a story.

Personal development guru and author of the classic book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey, taught a different approach to “time” management. In live events, Stephen would demo how to “get it all done” using three items, an empty bowl, sand, and a set of medium and big rocks. He challenged a participant to fill the bowl with ALL the rocks and the sand.

The way that most people would tackle this task was pour in the sand, and then add the rocks. Filling the container in this way will not allow you to include all the rocks.

They just won’t fit.

However, if you reverse-engineer it by putting in the big rocks in first, then adding the medium sized ones, and as the last step, pour in the sand, the sand will fill into the nooks and crannies created by the rocks.

Everything fits into the container!

This Big Rocks analogy is perfect for prioritizing your Big Dream(s).

In this analogy the big rocks represent your big dreams, the medium rocks are your important and urgent actionables, and the sand represents your small, but necessary daily tasks.

Big dreams first!

Instead of diving into your day checking off the tasks of your long list of to-dos, be sure to prioritize your big dreams first, and then layer everything else in as Stephen Covey’s example shows us.

When you prioritize your most important goals, you will quickly discover that you can do more than you thought possible. Be more intentional with your calendar and put your big dream first. When you slow down to integrate the goals and actionable items into your current calendar, paradoxically it helps you to speed up your results.

By adopting this approach and depending on how big and complex and distant your dream timeline is, the fact is that you will get there sooner if you start today. Even the smallest action is progress toward your desired outcome.

Over time, the tiny action steps build upon themselves and create significant momentum.

  • Is your dream to write a book? Start by writing one paragraph.
  • Is your dream to scale your profitable business? Start by booking a meeting with an expert.
  • Is your dream to start a charitable organization? Start by doing research.
  • Is your dream to become a self-made millionaire? Start by setting up an investment account.

Just start!

Be sure to give yourself credit for going toward your dream, check that off the list, and keep going!

Big dreams are often complex with a lot of details to attend to. It can be easy to fall into the trap of feeling overwhelmed (which is, of course, understandable but not ultimately necessary).

As you stare down your dream and feel a wave of both fear and thrill at your beautiful dream, know that consciously setting priorities is a key pillar of success.

Your invitation?

Treat your big dream as royalty.

Show your Next Level Life the respect it deserves by honoring and prioritizing it.

Instead of relegating your dreams to a remote parking lot, put them into the “container” of your calendar.

Do it today and watch your small successes build into your dream come true!


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