No matter how hard we work, how motivated we are, or how determined our mindset, none of us are immune to feeling overwhelmed.

Can you relate? If you are like most people I know,including myself, there’s always work to do, dozens and dozens of ideas, projects that you want to complete, and lots of every day realities to handle, ( money, health, relationships)

Overwhelm stems from a feeling of paralysis that sets in when we feel we have too much to do and not enough time to do it. It’s a common dilemma.

One of the best ways to reduce your overwhelm is to take time to map out all of your current projects. Once you’ve done this, pick your #1 top priority. You did read that right, only pick one!

Now decide what your goal is for your # 1 priority. Decide the date that you want to achieve this goal. Experts say that if you carve out a specific time to complete a task, you are more likely to make it happen.

After you have decided what you want and have set your measurable goal to a timeline, the next step is to break the goal down into individual action steps.

A fast way to break down your big goal, is to keep asking questions: what needs to happen first, then what? Then what?

Keep asking and allowing the step by step process to reveal itself. Write each step down. ( A great process for doing this is mind-mapping, created by

Take a nice deep breath. You’ve literally created your blueprint for this huge goal. Take the first action step, then the next action step, then the next. Your project will begin to take momentum.

Lather,rinse and repeat with your other important goals.

Step by step, your big goals become attainable. Ah, the thrill of accomplishing what is most important to us. It’s in your reach. Go for it!