Lists, lists, lists. I’m a big fan of “The List”. Making your own “list” is simple and essential. Every morning ,get into the habit of writing down your goals for the day..If you are clear about what you want and you write it down on paper, this success habit will significantly boost your results.. Most of us are already in the habit of making to-do lists to help us navigate through our days. Here are some additional tips to help you maximize the power of your “List”

Why work harder than you need to?

1.  Do What’s Doable: First determine what is realistic and humanly possible for one day’s time. For items that you’re not quite yet sure yet how you’ll handle, my recommendation to put those items in a separate column entitled “Universe, Please Handle This.” The fact is that we should focus our energy on what’s doable and what we are readily able to do. Some of the items on your list may be complex ,requiring multiple actions steps and have no “immediate, clear-cut solution.” That’s ok. By putting your goals on paper, you create a focus which allows for new possibilities and new synchronicities!

2.  Be Intentional: Each and every morning, start your day by simply declaring how you want each day to unfold. By stating these simply declarations of how and what you’d like to experience the upcoming day you actually “set the tone” for a successful and purposeful day. Here’s a couple of examples: “ My day flows easily and smoothly.” or “My presentation is positively received” or “I close the deal” Think this sounds a bit simplistic? You’re right, it is. I challenge you to be intentional about each and every day. Be the “designer: of your life. Do this practice for 21 days and astonish yourself with the results you experience!

3.  Create Master Checklists: Save yourself tons of time by creating and using checklists so that you don’t duplicate your efforts each and every time you work. A few days ago, I ordered carryout from my favorite Asian restaurant, Molly Woos, which is known for their great food and exceptional service. When I peeked into their kitchen I saw a paper checklist: Chopsticks? Check. Fortune cookie? Check. Brown rice? Check. Smart idea, smart company. (Now if only every fast food drive-thru would use the check list method!) What are projects that you do more than one time? I highly recommend you document steps or items necessary to carry out the project to completion. Could be a packing list, shopping list, or a presentation from start to finish checklist. Make your life easier and simpler by creating “Master Checklists”, it will save you time AND your sanity!

To Your Success!

Diana Long

Life and Business Results Expert