Is it just me, or are we all swimming in a sea of messages, texts,Facebook invitation, updates from LinkedIn, the Twittersphere and voice mails ( landlines & cells)?

I know of someone who actually carries 2 phones on his person at all times. He drops what he’s doing and  dutifully bids the phones commands…every time.

The irony is that with all this connection, you’d think we’d really feel connected. Truth is though, most people don’t.

In fact we’re craving more intimacy. We want to feel authentic connection, not just virtual or soul-less “surface” conversation.

Whether you own and run your own business or are a part of a large corporation, feeling and being connected is essential. It’s part of being human.

Feed yourself, feed your business. ( We all know the adage, people do business with people they know and trust)

What could you do today to reach out and build more rapport with clients, vendors, co-workers, family and friends?

Authentic connection. It’s a smart strategy that uplifts us all.