A very popular and effective tool is creating your own dream board ( also referred to as a vision board). This is the PERFECT time to create yours and I’ve provided some easy tips to help you to get started.

Making your own vision/dream board is very effective tool to use to get out of your “head” about your goals, and to visually represent your goals in a way that inspires and motivates you. What makes this technique so powerful is that using visual imagery allows us to bypass our intellect and suspend our disbelief about our ability to achieve our goals. Seeing our ‘dreams” as symbols and images, it is easy to accept and integrate into our subconscious mind. Many people faithfully use this process to help facilitate speedy realization of their goals and dreams. ( Myself included!)

Here are 6 quick tips to get you started on your own success board today. Remember the old saying; a picture is worth a thousand words!

1.Gather your Materials– Poster board, scissors, glue sticks, magazines

2.Write down a list of your goals & determine your theme for your board-
Common goal categories are financial, relationships,community,career, spirituality,adventure,fun and creativity. ( tip: you can create more than one board. Some people have boards for their business, their personal life, and some create one board that represents all of their goals.

3.Light a candle, have a latté- Turn on music you love and enjoy this process. Fully express your creativity. ( tip; this is a very fun group project)

4.Rules for Vision Boarding-
Gotcha, there are no rules! Allow your subconscious mind to connect to what truly resonates for you. Let the images you are attracted to as you flip through the pages of the magazine “speak” to you. This is actually a way for your logical mind to take a rest and let your subconscious ideas to come forward.

5.Visual Imagery– Find visual representations of your goals: clip all art, images, quotes, and keywords that describe or show your important goals. Assemble and glue your images in a way that is pleasing to you. ( Tip: Cut and paste a few pictures of you and place them onto your board)

6.Display Your Board-
Proudly showcase your board, you are actually “feeding” your subconscious mind these powerful images, bypassing your inner critic’s message that you can’t have what you want. Let your vision board, with pictures of your goals and dreams serve to remind, inspire and motivate you towards your personal achievements. Vision/Dream Boards have worked for thousands of people. It can work for you,too.