Calling all procrastinators (there’s a lot of us!).

Would you like to make significant headway with your project this week?

Do the “worst” thing first.

This is probably not what you want to hear, but there’s a very good reason to start with the “hard” stuff.  Doing the hardest task first when you have the most available energy will give you the strongest chance for success.

When we  procrastinate and put things off, it creates a damaging effect to our mental and physical well being, our energy gets zapped and we  feel like something is eating away at our personal integrity.  Being in this negative,depleted state keeps us from being in our natural state of feeling inspired, energized and creative engaged.

The solution?

Be brave.  Be smart.  Try this: start each day this week by tackling your “toughest” to-do. No more putting off the tough stuff till later. Do it first when you have the most energy and focus.

I promise you will feel a surge of energy and self-satisfaction for accomplishing these kinds of “to-do’s”. It’s incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

Put on your super-woman (or man) cape, because it’s all uphill after this!