Imagine that you are seated at a fancy white cloth table at a five-star restaurant. You look over the menu and carefully choose what you would like to have for your meal. The waiter comes to take your order and then returns to the kitchen.


You look forward to your meal, anticipating how delicious it will be.


You know that it will take time for your food to be properly prepared. Knowing this, you enjoy what is in front of you in the moment, sipping your beverage, and chatting with your table mate.


You are confident that your meal is on its way to you. You have zero self-doubt.


You are definitely NOT impatiently badgering yourself or your waiter with these questions:

Where is the food I ordered?

Why isn’t it here yet?

I told you what I wanted but I don’t think it is ever going to arrive.

Where is it?


You don’t do this because you trust the process. You’ve given your order; you trust it will come to you in perfect timing and that it will be what you asked for or even better.


This dinner analogy works well for us for dream creation, too.


The secret to manifesting quicker results is to trust the process. Know that your desired result is already here, it just hasn’t shown up YET and it will in the right timing. Just like the delicious meal you ordered.


Whatever big dream you have…maybe it’s becoming a self-made millionaire or to be in a marriage that is heaven sent, or the abundance of time and money to travel first class to your favorite vacation spots. (Maybe your next-level life dreams are all of these). Whatever your version of personal success is, believe in it!


The bigger your dream is, the farther away and more impossible it feels from coming true. It’s understandable that you could feel this way. But this my friends, is a slippery slope. When we indulge in self-doubts, insecurities, excuses, and lack of trust in yourself and the Universe, this is where you get in your own way. Your dream gets delayed, has too many detours, or dies away. t doesn’t have to be that way.


Instead of your dreams taking WAY too long try this instead:

  • Determine what you want. Carefully choose it (just like you did with your dinner order).
  • Believe – with ALL of your heart.
  • Knowwith absolute certainty that it is on it’s way to you
  • Commit– Take any necessary actions.
  • Trust…know it’s on its way to you.

It’s as simple as ordering your delicious meal.


Put in your order, trust the process and allow your dreams to come true.


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In closing I leave you with this wisdom from 14 th century mystic, Rumi;

What you seek, is seeking you.


Copyright © 2018 Diana Long