With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, this next week is the perfect time to take a pause, sip a glass of wine and do a personal year review. Be honest. How did last year go? What went well? What didn’t? Here are some excellent questions to help you close out 2011 and get clear about what you DO want for 2012.

What was the best thing that happened in 2011?

What accomplishments were most meaningful? Why?

What inspired me the most?

What did I learn?

What was the smartest decision I made?

What word, phrase or theme describes my year?

What was the most challenging in 2011?

What do I need to let go of?

What was my biggest surprise?

What are three things I am most grateful for?

What brought me the most joy?

What would I like to have done more of?

What nurtures my spirit?