Last year, I had a great experience with the online World Business and Executive Coach Summit (WBECS). The long list of transformational speakers gave me and the coaches I work with remarkable tools and resources that accelerate success.

And it’s about to happen again. Check out the end of this email to see just a few names on the list.

Each year, WBECS offers a complimentary set of world-class sessions you can attend online at your convenience. Pick the sessions that you most resonate with that are most relevant to you right now. The value I have received each year has been excellent and well worth the time invested.

Here is the link to reserve your spot: WBECS always offers an outstanding professional growth opportunity. It brings together the thought leaders of the coaching world to share their knowledge and experience with practicing coaches.

The first rate presenters at this year’s Pre-Summit are diverse, but they have their sights set on one common goal: your success as a coach.
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To name a handful of presenters this year, your free pass enables you to learn from:

– Marshall Goldsmith-Global Thinkers, 50 award winner.
– Ken Blanchard-Business & Leadership thought leader.
– Carol Kauffman-CEO of Harvard Institute of Coaching.
– Judith Glaser-Conversation Intelligence guru.
– Liz Wiseman-Mulitplier Leaderships & Thinkers50 award winner.
– Mark Thompson-CEO of Virgin Unite and Richard Branson’s coach.
– David Peterson-Global Head of Leadership & Development at Google.
– Jim Kouzes-Leadership guru.
– Jim Clifton-CEO of Gallup.
– Peter Cheese-CEO of Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, 140k members globally.
Plus, dozens more industry leaders are set for this year.
You only need to register once and you gain access to all the pre-summit sessions live:
Enjoy, and You’re Welcome!


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