Purpose to Prosperity for Entrepreneurs, February 1-3 2019

Join us in sunny San Diego for a three-day weekend retreat led by Diana Long designed to get you results in your life, your bank account and in your soul (it’s all connected).

A great life and a great business are by design. Start this year with the breakthrough strategies and support you need to make 2019 your best year yet. Intentionally build your business so it fuels the lifestyle you want. In this retreat, you will learn the secrets to wealth building, becoming uber-productive without working more, and overcome money blocks once and for all.

Come be with your tribe of entrepreneurs to laugh, learn and take your business and life to a whole new level. You’ll also enjoy the bounty of pleasure and fun of being in San Diego and steps away from the breathtaking beaches of the Pacific Ocean.

Declare your desires, set your goals, and let’s make it happen for you!

Find out more about the event and how to register here.


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