Feel Your Fear & Do It Anyway.

Just writing this statement feels bold.

Feels powerful.

“Feel Your Fear & Do it Anyway” is the catchy title of a great book, by Susan Jeffers

It’s also  a powerful code to live by and reminds me of a time when I had to feel my fear and do it anyway!

It happened on a  family vacation  to Mexico where  I came face to face with one of my own fears.   What I experienced was both  liberating & inspiring.

“How do you know if you can’t do it, unless you try?”

This is what Pablo, our adventure guide  said to me, as he looked me straight in the eyes.

I was all geared up + poised to repel down 40 feet in the air into a Mayan sink hole that was 39 feet deep and I was absolutely petrified.

My eyes were locked in on my guide.

My husband and two kids had already taken the leap and were  gleefully swimming in the water with the rest of our group of 8.

All that was left was Susan from Texas, me, and our guide, Pablo. Susan decided she couldn’t do it and left me facing Pablo. He repeated, “How do you know you can’t do it, unless you try?”

This is actually an excellent question! My palms were sweating and waves of anxiety went through me. I decided to feel my fear and do it anyway! Pablo calmly encouraged me, “You can do it, chica!” I got into place and scaled the stone wall down into the cave, all the while white-knuckling it, as I lowered my rope slowly but surely. My confidence began to override my fear as I came closer and closer to achieving my goal. I did it!

Soon I was swimming in this ancient and sacred water hole. There is something quite marvelous, exhilarating and empowering, to dare yourself to do what scares your socks off! I’m so glad that I felt my fear and did it anyway! What scares you? Where could you take a big step forward in your business and/or your personal life?

Perhaps you could:

Quit talking about a good idea and actually take action?
Take on more opportunities to be more visible in the marketplace?
Go ahead and enroll in a high-end coaching program for 1st class mentoring from an expert?
Do more public speaking?
Begin to write your book?

My coaching challenge to you this week is to choose something BIG that you’d like to do, be or have in your business or in your personal life and make a commitment to do it.

P.S.Be smart and line up support.

Without wise Pablo on my side, I probably wouldn’t have dared to go beyond my comfort zone.

Go for it!

Take on that big dream of yours. It’s time. If not now,when?