I recently attend the  Conversation Among Masters, a coaching conference held at the gorgeous Grove Park Inn, with close to 200 master coaches in attendance from all over the world (incl. the US), to learn, converse and connect. One of our speakers was Dan Ariely, author of Predictably Irrational. In Dan’s presentation, he shared what he’s discovered and distilled from his research via what he calls “experiments” and also through extensive use of  surveys.

As a coach and inspirational motivational speaker and facilitator, this is a favorite topic for me. I leaned in to learn.

Here are  3 strategies to help strengthen your resolve AND your results. Game on!

1. Re-engineer your environment

If you are going on a low-fat diet, finally writing your book, or boldly move your career forward, the context in which you set up your goals (your environment) is really important. Going on a diet? Ditch the fatty, tempting foods in your kitchen pantry. Writing your first book? Be mindful to create an environment that truly supports your best writing. Remove distractions. Hide your cell phone. Just say no to multi-tasking. Huge goals are more doable and achievable if we deliberately design our environment to truly support our desired outcome. How can you re-engineer your own environment so you can achieve that important goal of yours?

2. Think “Systems”

Innate desire and discipline are the “power couple” for getting things done. Ariely’s tip? Match your desire to achieve your goal with deliberate benchmarks and deadlines. By designing your action plan and plugging these actions into your calendar,  success rates are bound to be much, much higher. Ariely’s research indicates that we are motivated to avoid painful consequences. A deadline such as the US tax day (April 15th) is a great example. The majority of us don’t want the painful consequence of being penalized and paying extra, so we get our act together, albeit for some, it’s literally completed at the last possible minute! What goal do you have that needs to be more clearly defined and integrated into your work-life calendar? Do you have deadlines?

3. Say it out loud

Telling others about our goals is a powerful strategy. Sharing our goal commitments with a mentor, coach or trusted colleague, we automatically up-level our game. Most of us have  a strong innate inclination to avoid to disappoint and let others down. By investing money in personal and business coaching, you send a message to yourself and to your coach that you are serious about your goals. Articulating your goals on paper, communicating them, and working through obstacles with a trusted and supportive partner will amplify your commitment and solidify your results. Who are your success partners? Ready for your own coach?

Yogi Parmahansa Yoganada taught that our environment is stronger than our will and to attain one’s goals, he advised to surround yourself with people who are actively striving toward a similar goal.

Wise counsel.

Which of these 3 strategies  can you grab onto, claim and implement today?