Are you living a compelling life? Do you get up every morning excited because you want to engage with your business and your life? Yes or No? If yes, fantastic! If no, why not? Is life ok but a bit “hum drum, same old, same old”? Does your business feel like “endless work”?

If you’re merely surviving and not thriving, I challenge you to Raise the Bar in your life and in your business. When I think of this phrase, Raise the Bar, I’m reminded of my high school boyfriend, who was “the” Pole Jumper on our high school track team. He taught me that the way to excel in this sport is to consistently “raise the bar” . This strategy works! Inch by inch, he would literally “stretch” his capacity and create new outcomes, which, in this case was jumping higher!

Did you know that human beings (and animals too) are motivated by challenge and growth. It’s perfectly natural for us to go through growth cycles in work and in life. What can happen though is getting caught in a comfort zone. We tend to “hang” out here longer than we should. We hold back from trying new ways to do things.

I’ve been blessed with two incredible kids and through their lives and interests I have the opportunity and have made a commitment to stay current with trends and continuously learn new things.

I also committed to raising the bar in my life often. Not just occasionally. How could you raise the bar in your business? What about in your personal life?

Maybe it is partnering with a top notch coach who will coach you to get outstanding results for your business and life.

Maybe it’s setting a financial goal that scares your socks off but excites and motivates you. Maybe it’s committing to a network more effectively or becoming an outstanding presenter. What will it be for you? Drop me an email, I’d love to hear how you are raising the bar in your life!

To Your Success,

Diana Long

The “Do-Big-Things” Results Expert

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