Lets face it, motivational books and seminars are great. They reenergize us; boost our attitudes and our productivity….for a few days… tops! Then the “cold, hard ‘reality” of everyday living sets in, clients drop off, the economy takes a nose dive, our spouse is grouchy, and we lose our zest for our work and sometimes our personal lives, too.

Want to know why your “sizzle” fizzles?

Here are the TOP 3 REASONS that your DREAMS ARE DYING ON THE VINE and what to do about it!

  1. You Don’t  Know What You Want – What are your dreams and goals? Are they crystal clear? Probably not! For the vast majority of people their dreams are fuzzy, misty concepts of what they’d really like in their lives. Statistics bear this out. If you take a group of 100 people, approximately 2 out of the 100 will actually achieve their goals! This is depressing, isn’t it? It’s so important to have a “blueprint” of your dreams and goals. With a plan, you can take action! With action, you’ll get results!
  2. Negative Thinking – The biggest obstacle to you achieving the successes you dream of is YOU! Yes, sad but true. It is said that we have thousands and thousands of repetitive thoughts that run through our minds every day. Unfortunately, a high percentage of those thoughts are negative, definitely not helping us to create what we really want. Find a way to delete these dream-busting thoughts. I teach my clients an easy technique called EFT, which helps to reduce the negative mind chatter to positive thoughts.
  3. Lack of Proper Support – To create remarkable results in your life, you need the right “success” environment. This includes like-minded people, books and programs that are in alignment with your goals, aspirations and dreams. You don’t need to “fire” your friends and family, but you may want to broaden your network to include people you admire and who inspire your greatness.

To Your Success,

Diana Long

The Results Coach