A client recently shared that she felt like she’s been on a roller coaster the past couple of months, with ups, downs and everything in between. The challenge she brought to our coaching session was, “how can I keep momentum with my big dream of moving to Europe when I’ve got such a demanding schedule. On top of that, her “dream job’ search was going nowhere. In a tight and competitive market, she had received multiple rejections and was beginning to sink into self-doubt and fear for her future.

This scenario is a common experience. Rarely do we decide to pursue something big and exciting without setbacks.

Sometimes our best plans fall apart, we get stuck or fall into self-doubts or an unexpected dream detour derails us from our current plan.

What is the best practice to get unstuck and keep moving toward your dreams/goals?


The two most important factors are:

  • Devotion to your Intention– Nurture your belief in the validity of your “Next-Level” vision and stay true to it. Release all expectations of HOW your dream will manifest. Stay focused and take inspired action towards your goal.
  • Dream Delays are Perfect– Be responsive vs. reactive when setbacks occur- When your well laid plan gets interrupted, it’s normal to be upset. Instead of reacting and letting this become more stressful than it needs to be, embrace the mindset of “this delay is perfect.



What if the delay truly is perfect?

This might not make sense to our logical mind.

Instead of telling yourself the scary narrative that this is terrible and shouldn’t be happening, you will only get yourself more entrenched into fighting the “what is”.

If we shift to the philosophy that whatever is happening is FOR you, not against you, you allow more resourcefulness and creativity. You may not “love” the interruption, but you’ve got the superpower of equanimity- You keep your cool and you can access solutions and what (if any) optimal actions.

This is what played out for another client whose dream was to attract her soul mate. She made the conscious choice to fully believe in her dream, even though her current reality wasn’t reflecting it.

She kept an open mind and heart, and fanned the flame of her dream, that her person was on their way to her.

She stayed devoted to her intention AND navigated setbacks with grace and grit. She could have given up, there was a series of dating mismatches, a heartbreak and disappointments.

She learned a lot about herself along the way.

Her philosophy was that there was a ‘perfect timing”, and she did not settle for less.

The happy ending to this story is that she did meet and marry the man of her dreams-(and this is true)- he had been there all along, as he was employed at the same company as she was. In her own words, she said she had to become who she is today through the learning experiences that dating provided her.

She stayed true to her dream AND she trusted the process. Dream Delays are part of the process. It’s how you navigate this that makes all the difference.


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