If you had a magic wand and you could manifest anything you wanted, what would that be?

Is your vision for your Next-Level Life to become healthier and more vibrant, or to have more fun and adventure, or to meet your soul mate, or to uplevel your current relationship from “OK” to “off the charts fabulous” or create more income with joy, ease and flow?

Whatever your goals are, honor them! Go BIG… Claim what you truly want. No excuses, minimizing, or concessions.

Declaring your dreams won’t be enough to get you to the finish line.

There is a reason why you don’t have that desired outcome…yet.

It’s FEAR, also known as False Evidence Appearing Real.

Whether consciously aware of it or not, fear is one of the main barriers to living your best life. Your fear may be obvious and familiar to you, or your fear is hidden from plain sight, masked as resistance, and is just beneath the surface of your awareness.

The best way to overcome fear is to embrace it.

Fear is simply an emotion. Emotions are a normal part of our human experience. We’ve been conditioned to think that emotions are either positive or negative. If we label an emotion as negative, therefore, it is “bad,” we avoid feeling it. The truth is that emotions are just that, a feeling that runs through us as energy.

The antidote to fear is simple but not easy.

The invitation is to allow yourself to feel what you are feeling fully.

Let that sink in.

The answer is releasing the inner block of fear is to embrace what you feel instead of pushing it away to a dark corner.

The way out…is through.

As you learn to feel your feelings consistently, the intense emotions you’ve stockpiled over time can begin to dissipate. This is the opposite of what most people do, which is to push away the emotion, stuff it, deny it, or find a distraction like TV, food, or shopping.

Emotions can feel inconvenient. We want to get on with our lives. The reality is that the emotions that you have not processed or released don’t go away on their own. They accumulate within you. When you stack up your emotions in this way, the tension of unfelt energy creates havoc with your body, mind and spirit.

It is also a HUGE blocker to your goals.

As resistance and fear appear (and they will), take time to “sit” with your fear. Be with it, be compassionate and understanding. Give yourself some love! It’s not easy to break through fear, but you can do it. Get support if needed. (I work with my clients to break free from their inner blocks to success. We all have inner blocks to success, and it can be hard to crack on our own.)

Letting go of fears that have kept you stuck is an incredible experience.

Immediately you feel more freedom and have more energy and clarity to take action on your dreams.

Your runway to your Next-Level Life is now clear for takeoff.

Go for it!


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