Your dream life is waiting for you. But first, dreams and goals need you to fully claim them. Until you  do, pieces and parts of your dream will float around in the background of your psyche with no place to go. Have you ever had a dream that feels too big and seems like it is a million miles away from reality, so you keep it on a “forever” holding pattern? You are not alone. Here is a personal story in which I made the decision to leap and what happened next.



Several years ago, I was at my friend, Christian and Chelsea’s home for a July 4th pool party. The day was a “blue sky” day; everything was perfect, good food, celebrating with old and new friends, lots of laughter and meaningful conversations throughout the afternoon.


I was hanging out in the hot tub with several friends gathered there. I was in a deep conversation with my new friend France. Although we had just met, it was as if we’d known each other forever. She was intrigued with my story that I shared with her; that I was visiting from Ohio and that I had long desired to live in California. She challenged me, in her Canadian French accent.


”Mon cheri, you MUST move here!”


“No, no, no, I replied, almost regretting I’d been so honest…maybe someday… but it’s impossible now.”


I then gave her a full accounting of all my valid reasons and excuses. Hearing my story had zero effect on France. Instead of politely agreeing and commiserating with me, she encouraged me to continue to share more about my dream to live in San Diego.


I got braver, bolder and spoke of what I wished for.


I really got into it.


This was a brand-new experience for me, to share this wispy, wishful idea out loud to someone who really held the space of believing in and for me. She listened deeply, inviting me to share even more details about what it would be like to live on the west coast. Then suddenly, she looked at me straight in the eyes and then called out to the entire party.


“Quiet, everyone! Diana has an important announcement to make!”


I couldn’t believe it! I felt like a little girl at that moment. I’m sure my cheeks were blushed, my heart was racing, I really did NOT want to make an announcement. But the moment of truth was there, would I choose myself and my dream and make the declaration of my desire?


I did.


“I will get a place in San Diego within a year,” I boldly asserted to the whole group. It was an out of  body experience, who was this woman proclaiming this? I was panicking on the inside, wondering what my husband would think or how it was even remotely possible. Everyone cheered me on, with  high fives and hugs. I was exhilarated and at the same time, stressed. How on earth would I “make”  this come true and even more perplexing, how would I tell my husband what I had just committed to? Uh-oh! I had done it now!


As it turns out, once you commit to your dream and make the decision, the universe will step in to meet you there. When you show up for you, life responds. This is exactly what happened for me. Declaring my dream out loud was the catalyst for me to take my dream seriously and to bring it to life. I encourage you to do the same.


“Come to the edge,”, he said.


We can’t, we’re afraid! “they responded.


Come to the edge, he said.


We can’t. We will fall, they responded.


Come to the edge, he said.


And so they came


And he pushed them.


And they flew.”


– Guillaume Apollinaire






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