Yes,indeed, it’s that time of the year when things seem to really speed up. so many things to do, so many places to go!  I find that I need to have plenty of energy and my energy reserves are lagging. I  look under the “hood” and see what’s draining me. For me, one of the culprits was  too much NOISE from the internet. Periodically I detoxify my digital world and ruthlessly unsubscribe from uninvited emails & let go of those that just aren’t a fit for me anymore.  I took action  on this last week after I yet again found myself looking at blogs or hype-filled newsletters that dragged my energy down. While I was at it, I spring cleaned my Twitter & Facebook ,too. Ah, what a relief!  There’s more space now. More of the good stuff flowing in. More focus. More personal free time. Here’s to you & your own digital detox. Let the party begin!