With a brand new year suddenly upon us, many of us will be looking ahead, perhaps setting New Year’s Resolutions or jotting down a few goals we’d like to accomplish.  The million dollar question is will we really achieve our  goals or not? According to the ancient Mayans, we’ve just ended a 26,500 year cycle  in time.  Talk about new beginnings…2013 really  is the year for a fresh start.

One of the reasons that we don’t achieve our goals  is that our target goals simply aren’t exciting enough to capture our attention and motivate us take action over the long haul. Our goals just are not  potent enough. They lack energy, pizazz and the  thrill of an “impossible” challenge.

Instead of relying on the habit of  rehashing your lukewarm ,lackluster worn out goals and resolutions from past years and declaring these tired “should” goals as what you will aim for in 2013, why not do it differently this year?

Do any of these goals sound familiar?

I’m going to get fit this year.

I am going to lose weight this year.

I want to make more money this year.

I want to find my soul mate.

Let’s be truthful, none of these goals has any “juice”. I dare you to drop the boring, stand-by goals that you’ve been adding to your list of to-do’s every year and step out and set some goals that are powerful. Why not set some goals that scare you a little bit ( or a lot!)  Choose to declare goals that are audacious, exciting and important to you. This is your life. What are you waiting for?

Here’s where to start:

1. Self-reflection- Carve out quiet time for you in the next week so you can let yourself dream again. With pen and paper handy, write down the different areas of your life to help you to identify some of the goals you have. Most of us create goals in these main areas of life:  health, money, work,relationships, community, fun and adventure +  spirituality.  Jot down ideas that come to you. Don’t edit yourself or try talk yourself out of a goal.

2. Brainstorm- Here’s even more fun… be playful and bold with the ideas that you are generating for each of the areas in your life. Tell the truth. The real truth. What do you really want to experience? To do?  To be. To have in 2013?

3.Decide-  Now it’s time to craft your blueprint for 2013. What are the goals that get your blood flowing, your heart racing and uplift your energy?

If you previous wishy-washy goal was to get fit... this year’s version might be: I will compete in a tango contest and do whatever it takes to make this happen!

Want to give back to your community and make a difference? Maybe this year’s goal is to spearhead a cause that is near and dear to your heart because of a loved one’s personal challenge.  Maybe you decide to establish your own foundation?

If you want to make more money in your business- why not decide to become a leader in your industry? ( This goals has a completely different set of strategies associated with it than increasing your bottom line by 10 percent!)

Life is good for you, but not very exciting or full of adventure?  Decide to set a goal that knocks your socks off. Perhaps this is the year you spend a week, a month or ( gasp, more!) in Paris, Auckland or Dominica? Climb Kilimanjaro? Meditate in a Monastery?

These are the goals that your heart and soul thank you for. These are also the kinds of goals that  will push you to your edge, challenge you and bring out your best. These blockbuster goals that make us sweat,feel self doubt and trigger our inner critic’s nagging voice which says things like:  ” you can’t do this!” “you don’t have enough time” you don’t know how”” “this is too big”, outlandish” or it’s impossible”

Take a deep breath- soothe your inner critic by acknowledging your feelings, and then give yourself the permission to live your life to it’s fullest starting right now. Get busy designing your plans. I love this inspirational quote, “if you shoot for the moon, you’ll land among the stars” It speaks to all of us especially at the beginning of a new year. The  time for all of us is now….

Here’s to a truly remarkable year for you  in 2013. Choose it for you. Doing so will change your life and benefit others, too.