“Life is a journey, not a destination.” This timeless wisdom is a reminder that the magic is not just in achieving your dreams, but also in the process of getting there. As you pursue new goals you’ll discover that you’ll experience transformation and growth. In order to reach new heights in life and career, the truth is that YOU must change. Your Next level Life requires you to take full responsibility for what you want and who you need to become to get there.

As you embark on your version of what is “Next Level” I invite you to truly fully appreciate your journey with three powerful Mindfulness tools: Savor Your Success, Own Your Success, and Celebrate Your Success.


Savor Your Success


The first tool on our mindfulness kit is ‘Savor Your Success.’ The act of savoring is about appreciating an experience fully, letting it seep into your consciousness. It could be something as simple as the joy of a sunrise or as profound as achieving a major milestone on your journey to the Next Level Life.

Savoring requires us to slow down, become aware, and be present in the moment. Psychologists Fred Bryant and Joseph Veroff, in their book “Savoring, A New Model of Positive Experience,” define savoring as the active behavior of appreciation that connects us to the positive emotions derived from that experience.

On your path to the Next Level Life, I encourage you to savor both the big and small wins with mindfulness and awareness. This act of savoring has numerous benefits, including increased happiness, enhanced life satisfaction, and resilience. It allows you to connect with your positive emotions and amplify the transformative power of your dream.

Pause, reflect, and fully experience the joy of your accomplishments. Remember, only you know the truth of your journey, the steps you've taken, and the transformation you’ve undergone. By practicing savoring, you can touch base with the truth of your experience and prepare for the next exciting steps on your journey.


Own Your Success


The second mindfulness tool is ‘Own Your Success.’ As you step into your Next Level Life, you will naturally grow and evolve. With each milestone, you become a newer version of yourself, ready to embrace higher levels of joy, fulfillment, and success.

But for this transformation to fully take root, it’s crucial to own your success. Acknowledge your achievements, no matter how big or small. By doing so, you validate your growth and progress, reinforce your belief in your potential, and instill confidence in your abilities. These positive gains only fuel more success as you move forward.

Take the time to look back and reflect since you started chasing your dream. What were the wins? What were the challenges? What are you most grateful for? I highly recommend you do periodic check ins and note how and what has shifted. Doing this exercise can provide powerful insights into the improvements you’ve made on your way to your dream.



Celebrate Your Success


Finally, the third tool to amplify your mindfulness in your Next Level Life journey is to ‘Celebrate Your Success.’ This goes beyond simply acknowledging or owning your successes; it’s about rejoicing in your wins and letting the joy of achievement fill your being.

By celebrating your success, you solidify the positive experiences and integrate the lessons learned into your very essence. From a neuroscience perspective, you are anchoring the new you. It’s a beautiful way to recognize the gifts from your journey, and you a moment of well-deserved self-acknowledgement and validation.



Change is challenging, yet incredibly rewarding


And always remember, your Next Level Life is a pathway to authentic happiness, greater than material possessions or awards. It’;s about honoring your callings, letting go of old fears, and evolving into a version of yourself that aligns with your dreams. So, pause, reflect, and fully assimilate the lessons, gifts and shifts of your transformation.


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