A while ago, I met my friend, Teri for tea. She shared the details of her experience at a wellness spa in Palm Springs, which included a diet of primarily fresh expressed juice. Looking at Teri’s clear eyes and radiant skin-I knew there was something to this “juicing’ thing.

I did my online research, and “voila,” a few days later, I was the proud owner of an expensive, gigantic juice machine!

I juiced just about every fruit or vegetable you could think of. I made all sorts of Juice Elixers-offering my freshly concocted and healthy green and purple drinks to family and friends. (Hmmm, somehow they weren’t as excited as I was!)

I admit I can fall into the trap of overachieving- I got excited and carried away about the idea of juicing.

I thought to myself, this is fantastic and healthy- so…I decided to juice every day.

Well, as you can imagine… the honeymoon phase with my juicer lasted about a month. Then my juice habit trickled down to once a week, then not at all.


What happened to the goal I was so excited about?


It fizzled because I “super-sized” my goal. In other words, I went overboard with what was reasonable and doable.

Have yu ever done that? I know it wasn’t the first time I had overshot my goal.

I think we all have!


Here’s the solution:


To achieve your big, important goals, be smart and create a doable and sustainable plan….

A plan that makes sense for you.

A plan that can be integrated into your daily and weekly routines.

The quickest and easiest way to add your new action is to “habit-stack” and do it right after one of your firmly established habits (e.g. brushing your teeth).

When you tweak your approach and design your failsafe plan, I promise you will be amazed and feel great about what you accomplish.

I hope my Juicer Aha Moment (discovering that juicing was not a realistic and reasonable goal for me) motivates you to set more achievable goals.


How’s my Juicing situation now?

I juice 3-4 times a week. I make double batches when I do, and when I am time-crunched, I skip it that day or buy a bottle of juice. It’s easy. This is much more doable and allows me to stay true to my goal and experience the health benefits. Goal accomplished!


How about you?

What is a Next-Level Goal that you want to achieve? You may want to elevate your income or create an exercise routine that actually becomes part of your lifestyle instead of a one-hit-wonder, short-term phase.

To be successful with your Next-level Goal- design your action plan with intention and wisdom.

You can do it!

I believe in you.


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