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    This 3 Day Immersion Training is being held in Del Mar,California ( just minutes to walk to the beach) at a gorgeous venue that offers spacious rooms, beautiful pool and lots of lovely seating areas for networking and connecting on breaks and after hours.

    I handpicked the hotel myself. As a Virgo, I love high quality and putting together gorgeous events that include all the details that make a training exceptional.

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You are in for a transformational event that will change your life and your business forever

Years ago when I started my coaching business, I had big dreams for all of it.
When I discovered coaching I was over the moon! Coaching is a powerful and life changing technology. I could not wait to set the world on fire, one client at a time!

I had this glorious vision that included...

  • Serving amazing clients from all over the world

  • The incredible satisfaction of making a positive difference in the world

  • Being true to my own life purpose

  • Having freedom to travel and still be able to work when and where I chose

  • Contributing to my family

  • Being able to continue to invest in my own personal and professional development

  • And generating a nice, abundant income that so I could fund the lifestyle of my dreams, BUT...

  • Sadly, my vision did not happen.

As hard as I worked, my coaching business did not thrive. My big dreams and goals could not, would not and did not materialize.
For months I did not have any clients. Frankly, I had no real strategy.
Somehow, I managed to attract two clients for a few sessions at a very, very low hourly rate.
At this point, I was so happy to have clients, I would have paid them!
As much as I valued the work with these clients, being paid for a few sessions just doesn’t pay the mortgage. I was really stuck. I was embarrassed. I was frustrated. My self confidence was shattered.
I was so scared that I was going to have to give up on my dreams and goals. I was going into debt continuing to invest in my business and professional development without income coming in.
I was desperately trying to figure out what would help me.
I listened to more ‘free” marketing teleseminars than I can even count. Some of them had good ideas, some were terrible. Bottom line, it was hit and miss and I was still no closer to having a solid strategy.
Fortunately, I had a very supportive husband so I was able to limp along with my “ coaching hobby” as it certainly wasn’t a real business. I felt like a failure. The sad place I was in with my emotions certainly did not help me to “attract clients”. I was in a no win situation.
I will never, ever forget that time in my life.
I was stressed, worried and mad at myself and the Universe for not having what it takes to have the life and business of my dreams, but then...

"As I Sat On The Porch One Morning Journaling, I Had A Sudden "Light Bulb Moment"...

No wonder I was failing with my business. I had absolutely no marketing or business training.
No wonder I wasn’t making things happen.
I did not know how.
I had invested years in training and certifications in psychology, coaching programs, group dynamics, and speaking skills. This is where I had put all of my attention and energy. I was good at what I did but not good at business.

I realized that in order to build my business, I needed to learn marketing and business development and get a solid plan and strategies in place.

I hired mentors. I flew across the country to attend live training events. I studied marketing. I met new colleagues. I joined masterminds. I grew professionally and also personally.
This new approach changed everything for me and my business.
All of this was another level of financial investing in my business. I can remember still hearing the voice in my head chatter saying things like, “This may not help you either!” Maybe you should just give up!”

Thank goodness, I trusted my intuition and continued to be mentored and implemented what I learned. Without this level of mentoring and support in the early years, I am 100% positive that my business would not be living the life of my dreams today...

"Fast forward to today – I have a thriving coaching and consulting business AND I’m living the lifestyle of my dreams..."

This past year, I had a major breakthrough with one of my wildest, and wooliest dreams...
Having been raised and lived in the midwest for all of my life, my soul wanted to be at the beach.
Over the past 15 years, I have had many opportunities to travel to San Diego for work related trips. My heart knew I was at “home” in San Diego. I wanted to live the California lifestyle.

This long held dream of mine, never made any logical sense. My husband is part of a brick and mortar family business. Both of our families are rooted here. As much as my heart and soul kept whispering, “find your way to San Diego”, my practical mind saw no possible way.

I gave up on the dream many times, telling myself, it’s not going to happen in this lifetime. Those times when I “gave up” on my own dream felt like I was betraying myself. It was hard to deny the truth of what I really wanted.
I am delighted to share with you that I honored that dream and now have a cute little place by the sea. Daily beach walks, yoga, delicious meals, like minded friends and community are part of my new lifestyle.
I literally just came back from a beach stroll as the sun was setting.

Dreams do come true.
I love my life.
So can you.

I have the honor and privilege to partner with clients from all over the world. My clients have big dreams and goals and are making a positive difference in the world. I create my own schedule and have the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere in the world!

May I Share My Prosperity Secrets With You...?

March 16, 17, and 18 2018

This is your personal invitation to attend my exclusive event. In this powerful 3 day prosperity immersion, you will have the opportunity to experience personal and business breakthroughs that will give you tools and strategies that dramatically increase your impact and build your income.

What to expect

You will...

  • Learn how to crack the marketing code so you stand out in a crowded market place

  • Activate your Life Purpose and Big Business Vision so you are effortlessly pulled towards the results you want

  • Discover the 2 most effective and proven strategies to attract more ideal clients

  • Identify and remove the limiting beliefs, fears, doubts and insecurities that have been holding you back from your biggest dreams

  • Learn my carefully cultivated secret set of daily success rituals that will rock your personal and business life

  • Leave with your own customized, simple and powerful blueprint that paves the way for you to have the best year of your life

  • Discover the exact method I use to create visibility for my coaching offers and make consistent, desirable income of thousands of dollars

  • Be re-energized, inspired and more confident with your own business plans

  • Truly and deeply benefit from the positive energy, wisdom and synergy of a group of like minded business owners

Is This For You?

This event is for you if...

  • You are ready to have a big breakthrough in your business

  • You want to increase your income

  • You want to live a life that you love filled with prosperity, love, adventure, fun and making a difference

  • You want a proven plan with the right action steps for your success.

Here’s What You Will Experience At Purpose to Prosperity Event

  • Discover how to let go of old negative blocks and self sabotage

  • Learn the success rituals that allow you to live the kind of life you want, rich, happy and fulfilling

  • How to re-train your brain and create empowering new beliefs that “stick”. ( This is truly life-changing)

  • Get clear and focused on exactly what marketing strategy is optimal for you and your business( you will learn the 2 most effective and proven ways to attract ideal clients to you)

  • Be mentored, guided, and supported in a beautiful learning environment with like-minded business owners.

  • Retrain your brain with cutting edge tools from the latest in neuroscience research so you are empowered with new beliefs that “stick” ( This IS truly life-changing)

  • Learn business and life hacks that will shorten your learning curve and set you apart in your business ( Go direct. Learn from my many investments in coaching programs, masterminds and marketing strategy trainings)

  • Stop wasting and draining your money away with multiple programs and trainings and get smart and strategic with a solid plan that will get you up-leveling your business and life.

This is the best decision you can make for yourself. Make 2018 a year of joy, personal and professional breakthroughs that got their start here at the Purpose to Prosperity Event!

  • Launched My Dream Business and went from 0 – 6 figures within the first year.

    “Diana Long’s coaching and partnering allowed me to tap into and honor my true self to realize my business and personal goals. Our initial strategy session was like opening a window. Her tools and insights allowed me to reconnect and embrace my true self – with this; everything began to fall into place in both my personal and professional life. I started my own business at the first of this year and couldn’t be more thrilled with the success. Diana’s coaching allowed me to create the kind of business I truly wanted, just by honoring me and my talents, my pace and my truth. In just a few short months, my client base has grown beyond my dreams, I have created online system designed to better serve my clients and my business, hired my first employee, and am now able to do what I do best without stress and strife. I am pleased to say I will have gone from $0 to six figures by the end of my first year and looking forward to the future ahead.

    People often question whether coaching is beneficial- I say yes, but only if you are open to finding gifts you’ve not yet realized. I call Diana “ the queen of guidance, master of knowing, leader of many and most of all… understanding of me”.”

    Karen Marshall

  • I’ve quadrupled the amount of money people pay me for my services!

    “Working with Diana has helped me improve my basketball game, my love life, and has quadrupled the amount of money people pay me for my services! Diana Long is absolutely in the top 1/10th of 1% of the most insightful trainers and coaches available today.”

    Christian Mickelsen

  • Within a week I enrolled my first full-pay, high-end client!

    “My coaching experience with Diana has far exceeded my expectations. My goal? To transition my business from an established consulting company to launch my dream business: You Are Always Enough, specializing in personal coaching and retreats for women.

    Within a week of doing the VIP Coaching Weekend with Diana, I enrolled my first full pay, high-end client! I love this career and am so excited to serve more and more clients.

    I have felt 100 % supported and championed on my path. Diana is warm, bright and has a great sense of humor and has helped me shift my perspective on “problems” and turn them into opportunities.

    I have the steps I need and Diana has been a vital resource in addition to coaching to providing business building materials that cover the important topics for business owners including, how to successfully enroll clients, networking strategies for introverts, self-care hacks that have given me more energy and focus, copywriting marketing materials, and tried and true ways to deal with overcoming my blocks.

    You will find that Diana Long is a true professional, dedicated to you and your success. I highly encourage you to discover the power that Diana’s coaching will have on your life and your career!”

    Andrea Wazny

  • My Business and Life Have Transformed

    “Yesterday I bought materials to make a vision board. This sounds pretty standard for a coachee but, as a coach myself, I am often guilty of not practicing what I preach. Diana has served as my accountability to myself – my reminder that I am deserving of the possibility that dreaming creates. My work with Diana has been transformative, and I have experienced a variety of positive outcomes: my sales have increased significantly my work and personal lives are in much better balance, I am engaging in more fulfilling relationships, and, most importantly, I love myself. For the first time, I can look in the mirror and appreciate the constellation that is made up of both my strengths and opportunities. Through her gentle, compassionate, and empowering approach, one that reminds me of Brene Brown, I am much closer to becoming whole-hearted. I am more alive than I have ever been, and I am very grateful for Diana’s support and encouragement in achieving that.”

    Morgan Hembree

  • New Life Balance and Focus Fuels Success in All Areas of My Life

    Executive leaders find themselves with more to do and never enough time to accomplish it all. They live divided lives and are constantly juggling between demanding careers, family and personal time for themselves.
    I was one of these leaders.
    When I began working with Diana, I was working through an organizational transition, implementing a new strategic plan, trying to secure funding for the organization and needed to develop a new team. Diana helped me to discover an integrative and holistic approach to leadership that attended to my professional and personal aspirations and goals.
    During my work with Diana, she helped me to articulate a clear vision. Diana worked with me to developed concrete, time sensitive, measurable outcomes that she held me accountable to and measured my progress against. She expanded my thinking and imagination with regard to the best executable strategies for accomplishing my goals.
    After six months of coaching, I am pleased to state that I accomplished all my professional and personal goals.

    Stephen Lewis

  • I’ve EXCEEDED my financial target by thousands of dollars and have sold over 200 of my knee DVDs in the first 2 weeks!

    “Diana is my Business and Life Coach. Her positive energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Diana has the unique ability to stop the confusion in your business and teach you how to bring your dreams and vision to life. As a result of our coaching, I’ve EXCEEDED my financial target by thousands of dollars, created a new information product, landed a national speaking circuit gig, nearly doubled my strong team of employees, AND I am spending more quality time with my family. I highly recommend Diana’s programs to you!” By the way, I have sold over 200 of my knee DVDs in the first 2 weeks to my list so far.”

  • Total Reinvention of My Life.

    “When I first started coaching with Diana, she created a safe place for me to dream. Within six months of coaching with her, I completed my divorce, co-authored a book, and moved into my dream home. Now, we are working on a strategy for developing my dream business of establishing my Artistry Business. As part of the corporate management world for over 25 years, I value thought leadership, innovative strategies, and a bottom line approach. Diana offers all this & more.If you feel you are settling in any part of your life, I highly recommend that you contact Diana and discover how you can co-create your dream life and business.” Diana’s coaching insights, innate wisdom, and her loving, supportive style has been the key to my “Reinvention Journey”.

    Candace French

  • Diana is one of the best trainers I have ever encountered.

    I have sat through numerous training courses however, never one that packed so much in over a 5 day period. Diana superbly guided the training program so that even though it was intense, we all were comfortable, entertained and enlightened on many levels every single day. She is one of the best trainers/teachers I have ever encountered.

    Constance Woodhouse

  • I landed the BIGGEST Asset Management of my career.

    “As a result of coaching with Diana, I recently landed the biggest asset management account of my career, $3M. I’ve experienced several HUGE breakthroughs from my work with Diana. With her “velvet hammer” approach, Diana zooms in to the heart of the matter, helping me to get clear and intentional. As a result, I’ve re-designed and leveraged how I run my business and I’m launching my new Professional Speaking and Coaching business this year. The Law of Attraction is a beautiful thing to experience. Diana is awesome and I recommend her to anyone. I’m loving my new life!

    Michael J Perez

  • As a coach, my standards and expectations for coaching are sky high!

    I want someone who can engage with me quickly and move to action and results. Diana Long is a pro. She knows exactly how to set up a framework that supports the success of her client. I am thrilled to say that in a short and targeted time I have a new branding identity that I love and is reaping great returns. Within two weeks I have four new clients and three new projects! My partnership with Diana is solid, professional, results based…and fun! I would recommend her services to anyone looking to take their business (or their life) to the next level.

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