Raising the Bar


How to Shift Gears and Live Authentically


High achievers often find themselves in a conundrum. They’ve reached the top of their game, and yet, something feels amiss. Success has come effortlessly, but the motivation driving their actions remains unexamined. If this resonates with you, then it’s time to change gears and live authentically by setting “soul”; goals rooted in your true desires.

As a life coach, I’ve observed how many people become trapped in a cycle of striving for success and, upon achieving it, feeling unfulfilled. This vicious cycle is fueled by the pursuit of “dry” goals, or goals that are set by the head rather than the heart. When we let our logical mind dictate our desires without consulting our heart, the results may look good on paper but will ultimately leave us feeling empty.

But how do we break free from this cycle and live authentically? The answer lies in setting “soul” goals. These goals are informed by your heart’s wishes and are deeply connected to your personal values.


To help you achieve these soul goals, consider the following tips:


Recognize that money doesn’t equate to happiness:

Research has shown that our happiness doesn’t increase dramatically as our income rises past a certain point. Instead of using money as your primary motivation, focus on pursuing higher and more meaningful goals that align with your values.


Embrace your unique definition of success:

Your sweet spot with success is deeply personal and unique to you. True success lies in freely choosing where to invest your time, energy, and resources in ways that bring depth, meaning, and fulfillment to your life.


Listen to your heart:

Pay attention to your inner voice and the messages it’s sending you. Are you ignoring a dream that has been calling to you? Embrace those seedlings of desires and let
them guide you toward your next big adventure.


Be courageous:

Making significant changes in your life can be daunting and may impact those around you. Taking a stand for what you know is right for you takes courage, but it’s essential to living an authentic life.


Identify your soul goals:

To determine whether a goal is a soul goal, ask yourself if it’s thrilling, meaningful to you, and connected to your values. If the answer is yes, then you’re on the right


Remember, living authentically is about making choices that are rooted in your heart’s desires. It’s time to shift gears, set soul goals, and embark on the journey to your Next Level Life. Together, let’s create the life you’ve always dreamed of.


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