Are you fully present in your life?

Or if truth be told, you feel like time moves too fast and that you are on a treadmill of grinding and hustling your way to the “Next-Thing”?

I’ve got good news. There is a much better and more effective way to achieve even your biggest, most audacious goals!

You will want to include this vital success strategy…

Integration Time.

What is integration time?

It is the simple (and enjoyable) practice of acknowledging the small wins all along the way to the ‘Big Goal”.

If you aren’t actively integrating, you are robbed of the present moment.

The downside of future tripping is that you never feel satisfied. This gnawing feeling of I’m not enough, or I haven’t achieved “X” yet impacts confidence, too.

You don’t feel like a success EVEN though you are a high achiever and have an impressive list of accomplishments.

Here’s how to integrate your wins and set yourself up for more success:

  • Be Present– When something meaningful happens, take a pause. Get into the habit of being here now. Breathe. Put your hand on your heart. Acknowledge your win to yourself. Mark the moment.
  • Reward Yourself -When you reach milestones of your Big Goal, reward yourself. When I started my coaching career, I feared public speaking. This fear went way back; I was the kid in school who went to great lengths to avoid speech class! When I started my coaching business, I wanted to overcome my fear of public speaking so I could give presentations with ease. I joined Toastmasters International and committed to giving ten speeches. I rewarded myself after each speech. My practice of rewarding my small wins bolstered my confidence to keep going and growing.
  • Truly Celebrate– As I grew as a speaker, I entered a speech contest and…won! This was a huge win, and I marked that moment of achievement off with a lovely celebration dinner with my husband.

Integration, reward, and celebration are smart strategies because they spark the reward circuits in the brain that release “feel-good” hormones—endorphins.

When you experience the effects of neurochemicals coursing through your body, you feel so good that it reinforces the behavior that instigated this positive feeling, so you stay engaged with your actions. It creates a positive, self-fulfilling loop of desirable behaviors.

It only makes sense to acknowledge your wins as you go toward your dream and to cap it off with a celebration when you arrive to the point of your desired achievements.

Take the time to savor your small successes as they are the stepping stones to your big wins. Once you arrive, mark this auspicious moment and celebrate.

It’s win-win.


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