Years ago, when I was in San Diego to lead a coach certification training, I discovered a beautiful small beach near where I was staying.

At the end of the last training day, I felt inspired and grateful, and I was also …very tired. It had been a long week of transformational teaching and coaching.

As I drove to my hotel that evening, I suddenly got an internal nudge to go to the beach again before I flew back to Ohio.

So I did.

The sky was pitch black and illuminated with hundreds of twinkling stars and a gorgeous full moon.

I was the only person there.

I was struck by the quiet and the magnificence of this moment and dropped into the sand, laying on my back and gazing up at the spectacular night sky.

Something deep inside me prompted me to play out the vision of living in San Diego in the theater of my imagination.

What would it look and feel like to live here?

To have this lifestyle?

To enjoy the sunny days, mild weather, and sandy beaches as part of my every day?

I visualized a San Diego life, rich with details. It was as if my brain and body registered that moment in time anchoring in my dream, although it was still far from being realized.

When I returned to the Midwest, I committed to regularly visualizing my San Diego dream.

It made all the difference in my results.

I visualized in many different venues—my office chair, my meditation space, in my daydreams, but my favorite place was after dark, lying on a blanket in the grass, looking up at the starry night sky. I affectionately called my secret moonlight practice “stargazing in suburbia.”

I consistently immersed myself in visualizing my life in San Diego, savoring the positive emotions I experienced on that beautiful beach in Del Mar and affirming that yes…

“Dreams do come true.”

I surrendered in the trust that it would all come to pass. I did not know how yet, but deep down inside, I believed my dream would materialize.

Fast forward in time. My dream came true, and I am blessed to enjoy my sunny lifestyle. It all happened!

One of the most powerful things you can do is to visualize your dreams and manifest your Next-level Life by practicing the art (and science) of visualization.

Get more intentional about what you want!

Adopt the delicious habit of seeing your future in your mind’s eye.

What is on your wish list?

A new home?

Your perfectly matched soul mate?

Vibrant health and energy?

A more meaningful career?

Want to manifest it?

Start visualizing!

The key to successful results using visualization is consistency and repetition.

Research shows that visualization is most effective when kept brief (just a few minutes is enough) but repeated several times a day and practiced 3-7 times per week.

Create a mental image of yourself doing the “thing”- like winning a marathon or conquering your fear of public speaking by delivering your ideal TED Talk is the fast track to manifesting it.

The more you visualize, the more your brain encodes it. Paired with aligned action, It’s just a matter of time before it is your current reality.

Adopt your own version of visualizing your future self (like my Stargazing in Suburbia practice) and watch it arrive in lightspeed!

Ready to create your Next-Level Life?

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