Is This  REALLY Where I was Going?

I love this question! Sometimes, we’re busy,off and running in a particular direction and if we stop, take a pause, and tell the truth,we discover that we’re not on our authentic path. Not following our own ‘calling”.

Sometimes it’s tricky to discern!

The key to planning ,designing  and LIVING a joyful personal and professional life is to course-correct. Regularly.

Let today be the  perfect time to take “stock” of what working well  for you  AND what isn’t.

One of my clients shared with me that her life and business are running at peak capacity. From the outside looking in, her life looks very,very good.  The catch? She feels like something is missing. She create a big and busy life, but truth be told, she said,”it feels like my life is running me”.

After listening deeply, together we identified all the various projects, commitments, and demands she was currently facing.  After getting everything on the table, it became pretty obvious. She had created her own “monster” and it was time to pare down to the absolute essentials. She began to see why she was exhausted and unfulfilled.

In what I like to call the “Aha moment”, she said to me in a hushed tone, “Is this where I was really going?”

“I don’t think so!”

It’s easy to get caught up in the “Millionaire Mindset Bootcamp” bandwagon and follow a model that promises you rock star status in your industry, full of  glitter and gold. If this is what you truly want and it gives you great joy to achieve it ,then it is clear. Go for it!

Alot of business owners I’ve met share that they feel like they’re  on a treadmill of working,working and working. To what end?  Often money goals are created out of  group-think.  Hey isn’t this what everyone wants and is working for? These goals are usually driven  to have more..such as ” I want to break  7  figures in my business. The illusion is that when they make their million dollars, then life will be sweeter and they’ll be happy,finally!  So the money goal is set and  they put their heads down and work like a dog to try to make that happen. Often they succeed,but at what cost?

With Julie, she was able to get the clarity about what was truly a priority for her and what was no longer truly profitable and/or energizing for her. She had the true clarity about what the important values where for her and this clarity allowed her to redesign her life and business in ways that were much more in alignment for her.

Her question transformed from, “Is this where I was really going?” to  clarity. She declared“Now I know what I want &  where I am going AND I’m committed to enjoy ALL my life.

What a  powerful place to be in. To know what you truly value and desire for your business and your life IS THE WAY to having it all!

Here are a  few powerful questions that can help keep you on YOUR path ( not someone else’s)

1.What do I really want? ( Be specific about what you really,really want.)

2.What activities/projects give you joy & fulfillment? ( integrate more of these into your life)

3.What activities/projects/clients take you OUT of your joy? ( let go of old committments that no longer fit or might even be toxic to your happiness)

The bottom line is that it can be easy to get pulled into over-committing, over-doing and over-achieving. The good news,though, is that you DO have choice and these simple questions can help to align your business and life plans so that they are an absolute 100% match to your unique-ness!