Launched My Dream Business and went from 0 – 6 figures within the first year.

“Diana Long’s coaching and partnering allowed me to tap into and honor my true self to realize my business and personal goals. Our initial strategy session was like opening a window. Her tools and insights allowed me to reconnect and embrace my true self – with this; everything began to fall into place in both my personal and professional life. I started my own business at the first of this year and couldn’t be more thrilled with the success. Diana’s coaching allowed me to create the kind of business I truly wanted, just by honoring me and my talents, my pace and my truth. In just a few short months, my client base has grown beyond my dreams, I have created online system designed to better serve my clients and my business, hired my first employee, and am now able to do what I do best without stress and strife. I am pleased to say I will have gone from $0 to six figures by the end of my first year and looking forward to the future ahead.

People often question whether coaching is beneficial- I say yes, but only if you are open to finding gifts you’ve not yet realized. I call Diana “ the queen of guidance, master of knowing, leader of many and most of all… understanding of me”.”

Karen Marshall –

I’ve quadrupled the amount of money people pay me for my services!

“Working with Diana has helped me improve my basketball game, my love life, and has quadrupled the amount of money people pay me for my services! Diana Long is absolutely in the top 1/10th of 1% of the most insightful trainers and coaches available today.”

Christian Mickelsen –


Within a week I enrolled my first full-pay, high-end client!

“My coaching and retreats for women. Within a week of doing the VIP Coaching Weekend with Diana, I enrolled my first full pay, high-end client! I love this career and am so excited to serve more and more clients. I have felt 100 % supported and championed on my path. Diana is warm, bright and has a great sense of humor and has helped me shift my perspective on “problems” and turn them into opportunities. I have the steps I need and Diana has been a vital resource in addition to coaching to providing business building materials that cover the important topics for business owners including, how to successfully enroll clients, networking strategies for introverts, self-care hacks that have given me more energy and focus, copywriting marketing materials, and tried and true ways to deal with overcoming my blocks. You will find that Diana Long is a true professional, dedicated to you and your success. I highly encourage you to discover the power that Diana’s coaching will have on your life and your career!”

Andrea Wazny

My Business and Life Have Transformed

“Yesterday I bought materials to make a vision board. This sounds pretty standard for a coachee but, as a coach myself, I am often guilty of not practicing what I preach. Diana has served as my accountability to myself – my reminder that I am deserving of the possibility that dreaming creates. My work with Diana has been transformative, and I have experienced a variety of positive outcomes: my sales have increased significantly my work and personal lives are in much better balance, I am engaging in more fulfilling relationships, and, most importantly, I love myself. For the first time, I can look in the mirror and appreciate the constellation that is made up of both my strengths and opportunities. Through her gentle, compassionate, and empowering approach, one that reminds me of Brene Brown, I am much closer to becoming whole-hearted. I am more alive than I have ever been, and I am very grateful for Diana’s support and encouragement in achieving that.”

Morgan Hembree

New Life Balance and Focus Fuels Success in All Areas of My Life

Executive leaders find themselves with more to do and never enough time to accomplish it all. They live divided lives and are constantly juggling between demanding careers, family and personal time for themselves. I was one of these leaders. When I began working with Diana, I was working through an organizational transition, implementing a new strategic plan, trying to secure funding for the organization and needed to develop a new team. Diana helped me to discover an integrative and holistic approach to leadership that attended to my professional and personal aspirations and goals.
During my work with Diana, she helped me to articulate a clear vision. Diana worked with me to developed concrete, time sensitive, measurable outcomes that she held me accountable to and measured my progress against. She expanded my thinking and imagination with regard to the best executable strategies for accomplishing my goals.
After six months of coaching, I am pleased to state that I accomplished all my professional and personal goals.

Stephen Lewis –

I’ve EXCEEDED my financial target by thousands of dollars and have sold over 200 of my knee DVDs in the first 2 weeks!

“Diana is my Business and Life Coach. Her positive energy and enthusiasm are contagious. Diana has the unique ability to stop the confusion in your business and teach you how to bring your dreams and vision to life. As a result of our coaching, I’ve EXCEEDED my financial target by thousands of dollars, created a new information product, landed a national speaking circuit gig, nearly doubled my strong team of employees, AND I am spending more quality time with my family. I highly recommend Diana’s programs to you!” By the way, I have sold over 200 of my knee DVDs in the first 2 weeks to my list so far.”

Brian Schiff

Candace FrenchTotal Reinvention of My Life.

“When I first started coaching with Diana, she created a safe place for me to dream. Within six months of coaching with her, I completed my divorce, co-authored a book, and moved into my dream home. Now, we are working on a strategy for developing my dream business of establishing my Artistry Business. As part of the corporate management world for over 25 years, I value thought leadership, innovative strategies, and a bottom line approach. Diana offers all this & more.If you feel you are settling in any part of your life, I highly recommend that you contact Diana and discover how you can co-create your dream life and business.” Diana’s coaching insights, innate wisdom, and her loving, supportive style has been the key to my “Reinvention Journey”.

Candace French –

Diana is one of the best trainers I have ever encountered.

I have sat through numerous training courses however, never one that packed so much in over a 5 day period. Diana superbly guided the training program so that even though it was intense, we all were comfortable, entertained and enlightened on many levels every single day. She is one of the best trainers/teachers I have ever encountered.


I landed the BIGGEST Asset Management of my career.

“As a result of coaching with Diana, I recently landed the biggest asset management account of my career, $3M. I’ve experienced several HUGE breakthroughs from my work with Diana. With her “velvet hammer” approach, Diana zooms in to the heart of the matter, helping me to get clear and intentional. As a result, I’ve re-designed and leveraged how I run my business and I’m launching my new Professional Speaking and Coaching business this year. The Law of Attraction is a beautiful thing to experience. Diana is awesome and I recommend her to anyone. I’m loving my new life!

Michael J Perez

As a coach, my standards and expectations for coaching are sky high!

I want someone who can engage with me quickly and move to action and results. Diana Long is a pro. She knows exactly how to set up a framework that supports the success of her client. I am thrilled to say that in a short and targeted time I have a new branding identity that I love and is reaping great returns. Within two weeks I have four new clients and three new projects! My partnership with Diana is solid, professional, results based…and fun! I would recommend her services to anyone looking to take their business (or their life) to the next level.

Diane Bennett

My business has bloomed!

Working with Diana as my coach has been so positive. So much has shifted for me in a year! I took my business from the ground floor to enrolling my own private clients, starting my own online membership support group with 9 members, and creating my very first group coaching program. My private facebook group now attracts new members every week and went from about 130 members to over 330 in a year. Over the past year I’ve also hosted several live workshops on topics such as time management, boundary setting, and self-care. Diana’s coaching style is to really hear me out and then ask me the BEST questions to get me out of my head and into my heart. One of the biggest obstacles I have overcome was self-doubt. Self doubt kept me from taking action.  Now, I reframe it to “I’m excited”, I feel my fear and I take action anyway. I am so happy with the results this gives me! Diana has so many resources that she shares just when I need it and it’s helped me to grow my business, make more income and be more focused, confident and happy with my work and personal life. Diana rocks!

Juliette Sakeswega –

New Home, Stronger Relationships and Career Success

“Thank you, Diana for your guidance and inspiration. It’s been a wonderful ride. I will cherish my recordings! I feel like a WOA (woman of achievement) after our work together. I feel more myself and am proud to be that person. During our coaching, as you know I accomplished several important goals: moved into a new home, strengthened my bonds with my husband and daughter, forged ahead AND completed several key tasks for our business and was PUBLISHED in the “The Women’s Book Collective”.

Suzanne Burkholder –

More Clarity, Focus and Authenticity in my Business, Life and Marketing

“Diana helped me evaluate what I really need and helped me narrow my focus for my business. When I started working with Diana I had 7 streams of focus and through working with her I was able to bring that down to the essential two. I began with eliminating unread, unused or underused services creating space for my clearer focus. I particularly enjoyed the exercise that helped me identify my calling card – for me it is “Getting to the Heart of the Matter”. This helped me with my branding message, marketing copy and look. I updated my photos and became more strategic in my business and my life. Thanks, Diana!”


SOLD my first article to the LA Times!

“Within just a few sessions of hiring Diana as my coach, I landed the BIGGEST and BEST client of my career! I’ve also gotten super focused on my marketing strategies and I am on target with my financial goals for my business Barefoot Promotions which is a leading provider of customized promotional products for business brands. Because of this, my personal life has gotten better, too! I’ve got more time for family & space for creativity, which for me means traveling to my favorite places and writing travel articles. I just SOLD my first article to the LA Times! “

Rhonda Reedy –

Confidently Stepping into My New Chapter in Life

Coaching with Diana was key to for me in evaluating the next step in my career. The goals I set early in the process were explored and achieved, including dusting off my CV and creating a powerful, new resume. The results I gained from coaching include these game-changing outcomes:  I have increased confidence, clarity and more personal motivation. A big shift for me has been to lead by my strengths and values, and becoming even more strategic and effective in life and in work-related activities. I’ve come a long way. With Diana’s help, I was able to recognize what I want, and to finally let go of past experiences that were keeping me stuck while reclaiming and implementing the positives from those experiences into my life now. The effects of this coaching partnership will impact my decisions and actions for a long time to come. Her coaching was invaluable to me as I step forward into my next chapter in both career and life. Diana has a special ability to unlock the authentic greatness that is in each of her clients and I give her my highest recommendation.

Dave Matthews

Diana is an outstanding coach and my champion!

I was amazed at her ability to listen deeply and communicate exactly what I needed to propel myself forward!  As a result of our work together, I was ready to launch my new children’s book and my life coaching career has gained traction! Diana is the true Wonder Woman. If you decide to work with Diana, get ready to have a wonderful and excellent experience with results!


Melanie Lococo

Leah YoungI am so thankful to have learned from you!

I can’t thank you enough for becoming who you are, someone who seeks to enrich and inspire people thought teaching and coaching.
At several points throughout the training, I felt so enthralled observing the coaching skills that you have perfected. Those skills aligned with your warm nature are beautiful to witness. You are incredible and I am so thankful to have learned from you! You will forever be in my heart and a part of my story moving forward.



Leah Young

Meeting Diana was a true, life changing experience!

She is so wise, kind, intuitive, patient and has an incredible gift to help you see yourself and all of your experiences from a higher perspective.  She helped me to shift my relationship with my friends, my family, my students, but most of all, my relationship with MYSELF!!!  Our sessions, the exercises,  as well as the  “homework” that she assigned help me to transform in a way that was very palpable and experiential, in order for me to truly embody the transformation taking place within me and my life.  As a result, I have gained new confidence and outlook. My life has changed so much! Also, she is so incredibly personal and thoughtful and has sent me beautiful cards and gifts throughout the time we have been working together and it feels like a fairy spreading fairy dust to remind me that I am truly worth it!.  Thank you Diana!!!

Maria Hara

Epic Reinvention of My Life and Career

I hired Diana as my coach at a very difficult time in my life and career. My spirits were sagging and my confidence level was very low, and I knew I needed help to get me out of the hole that was getting deeper by the day.Diana helped me with my vision for my life and my goals – she guided me back to my first love of photography.  I even published my own book of poetry Illustrated with with my own images. I began exhibiting my photographs and thrilled to say that have won awards for my work! I transitioned out of my real estate career and  now travel all over the world and have a lifestyle that I am inspired by every day.  Diana has a very strong but gentle way of working with her clients, and she has had a profound effect on my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. and I am grateful every day for her help and guidance. Hire Diana if you want your life to be better in every way!

Roberta Kayne –

Reinvented My Life, My Career & Wrote My First Book

“Diana is a very intelligent, skilled coach with a wealth of creativity and resources at her command. She was caring and kind always, but held me accountable and responsible for being the master of my own life. In the six months we worked together Diana helped me take a book that had been languishing in draft form for months and do what was necessary to finish it. Having a published book is great, but even more important is Diana helped me claim my passion and identity as a writer and to design my life to be more meaningful.”

Steve Harsh, Ph.D., M.Div., CCC –

Diana is top of the class!

“Diana Long’s “Vision for Success” Workshop was just what our team needed. Being in the speaking and consulting business for 26 years, I have seen the best. Diana’s workshop was right up there with the top of the class. She is a true pro and brings it all to her programs. I will definitely encourage our team and others seek her out!”

Susan Sorentino –

Diana Long’s “Vision for Success” training program was fantastic!

“Her “Vision for Success” training program was fantastic! Diana’s enthusiasm for her work and her ability to describe complex ideas in practical and instantly doable ways helped make the workshop an incredible learning experience. I highly recommend Diana’s programs to business owners on their road to success.”

M.J. Clark, APR –

My Business is growing by leaps and bounds

“I highly endorse Diana Long as a Coach and Speaker. Thanks to Diana’s sharp insights and solution-oriented focus, Diana has coached my staff and me. As a result, we got clarity we needed and our business is growing by leaps and bounds!” I am happy to say that our company has been featured in the New York Times and we have received several awards. We’ve also brought in Diana as an Expert Speaker for our UltimateU Program.

Zoe Guirlinger, CEO –

Our work was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

“Diana supported me with both my personal and professional goals. During our work together I was able to finish a feature film that was entered in the New York and Los Angeles Film Festivals. I was also “helped” in understanding that I had the confidence to accompany my husband, a plastic surgeon on a medical mission. Our work was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. To say I was satisfied with Diana’ s coaching is an understatement. She changed my life!”

Marissa Harrell,

I opened my dream business and attracted my ideal partner

“Having Diana as my coach has truly changed my life. When you consider what’s really important, making your dreams come true is at the heart of it all. With her help, I’m realizing my dream of transforming our family home on Kelley’s  Island into a Historic Inn and Retreat Center. I also discovered how to move away the barriers between the perfect partner and myself! Right now is the time to achieve your life goals, and Diana is the key! Thank you Diana!!!”

Heather Lindecamp


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