Learn how to become “full of yourself” and have more energy, more well-being, a better relationship to yourself and others and more success in your business and your life than ever before.

What is Self Care and why is it absolutely essential to the quality of your life and bear a direct relationship to business success?

Self Care is defined as the practice of rituals, routines, and behaviors that support you to be at your best: emotionally, physically, and spiritually. There is quite a range of what true self care looks like for a person. Basics like eating, hygiene and sleeping are baseline self care behaviors. True self care is anchored in love and honor of yourself. By treating your desires, your body, your emotional life with discretion and loving care, your body mind and spirit flourish. We go beyond simply “getting by”, enduring an unfulfilling status quo which less than we deserve in life.

Self Care is Self-Full vs. Selfish

A common misnomer is that self care is being selfish. The truth is that self care is actually “self-full”. When we recognize, honor and act in our own best interests our body-mind-spirit responds quickly and positively. We have more available energy for ourselves and for others. We are much more of a contribution in the world when we are taking care of us first.

We have all “burned the candle at both ends” and know that for a period of time, we can do it, but it’s not sustainable.

I can tell you the secret.

For each of us, our personal self-care requirements are unique. Some of our self-care will be consistent from day to day (basics like hygiene, eating, exercising the body, and sleeping). The invitation is to pay close attention to your own energy levels.

What are you feeling?

What does your body want?

What would lift your spirit?

What would feel good to you?

What would touch your heart?

Inspire you?

What gives you energy?

What feels light vs. heavy?

Check in with yourself every day and do “Energy-Tune-Ups”

Life becomes much richer and satisfying when we give ourselves multiple energy uplifts every day. Weaving into your busy day, little “bumps” of energy, such as a dose of inspiration from your favorite author, a cup of hot tea, ten minutes of closing your eyes and reconnecting to you. The possibilities are endless and expansive. A great exercise to do is to create a list of your Top 20 Activities that uplift you. Keep the list handy and refer to it often to bring your energy up each day.

Building Energy Reserves is like Having Money in the Bank

Think of your energy as currency. This currency of energy is what fuels your body, mind and spirit. Just as money is a currency and provides the ability to secure what we want or need, so is the currency of our own energy.

Isn’t it wonderful to have money when you need it? Isn’t it reassuring to have a reserve of money to tap into when we desire it such as a vacation, or to help a friend financially? This is exactly what we want to create in our lives with our self-care. By taking care of yourself on a day-to-day basis you create a savings account of energy. You have reserves of energy to navigate challenges, achieve your goals and seize the day!


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