How’s your self-care?

Cultivating daily self care requires two things… consideration of self (how do I feel, what do I need right now) and action (choosing an activity that uplifts you and gives you a sense of well- being.) As you build your self-care capacity, it will become a part of every day life to consider yourself and take care of you.


Here are some areas to draw from for your own self care. The choices are endless.


1. Take Time Out

Did you know that closing your eyes for even a few minutes is very restorative. Visual processing takes a lot of energy, we are taking in everything that we can see. Closing your eyes and taking a little mediative break truly is a reset for the system.


2. Be Inspired

What uplifts your soul and spirit? It may be prayer, positive quotes, or an inspiring movie, ted talk or book. Fill the spaces in your day with those things that give you a dose of beauty and inspiration. Perhaps one day it’s art, reading poetry or looking at beautiful clothing or listening to your favorite musical artist.


3. Nutrition

Feed your body what is nourishing and healthy. Notice what you eat and how you feel afterwards. We are meant to feel great by what we fuel our bodies with. You may want to explore traditional and alternative health options, get hormone testing including thyroid tests, and explore natural supplements such as Bach flower remedies.


4. Oxygenate

Did you know that our breath literally floods our bodies with essential oxygen that gives us clarity of mind, releases stress and increases immunity? Most of us are what is called “shallow” breathers. Even a couple of minutes focusing on your breath will calm you down and boost energy when you are tired or stressed. Breathe. A fabulous and scientifically proven way to boost your immune system, decrease stress and up level oxygen is “forest bathing” also known as walking in the woods.


5. Laughter and Fun

Urban legend says children laugh about 400 times a day and adults only 10-12 times per day (no scientific research substantiates this claim but we can all agree, kids are having a lot more fun that most adults.) What can you do to lighten up and feel happier? What tickles you? Funny friends who make you giggle, comics or comedians? Dr Norman Sheely claims he cured himself from a terminal disease by filling his days with humor and joy non-stop from sunrise to sundown.


6. Live Your Purpose

Get real. What calls you? Do that. Choose what is most fulfilling. Stop filling your day with activities that take you away from your true priorities or people that drain you.


7. Move Your Body

Physical activity is energizing. Not all of us are star athletes, nor do we need to be. Moving your body might be a spontaneous dance party in your stocking feet, or doing yoga, or nightly walk with your beloved after dinner. Fold in more doses of physical activity and watch how your body gets recharged.


8. Adventure

Take a different way to the store tonight, read a different genre of book or magazine, take a different class, travel somewhere new, try a new recipe or restaurant. Our body-mind loves novelty and rewards us with new found energy and dynamism.


9. Reconnection

What grounds you? Is it mediation, massage, yoga or a soul to soul conversation with a treasured friend?


10.Stop Negativity Now

The quickest way to deplete your energy is engaging in negative behaviors of gossiping, complaining and being a victim. All feedback is information. If we choose to engage in endless discussions about who did what and why we don’t like it, we literally become immersed in negative and lower energy. If you have an issue with someone, notice what your emotions are telling you. If you are upset, that is a sure sign that an important value of yours has been compromised. Own what that is and determine how you can communicate what you need and take action. It’s surprising how much of an energy surge you will get by adopting this new way of being.



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