On a personal note, our family recently traveled to visit the Seattle area on a “Tour de Colleges.” It was a vacation with a “purpose” because we visited several colleges while having a wonderful time as a family. We loved Seattle! We lucked out with beautiful weather, blue skies, blue ocean, snow capped mountains, lots of Starbucks coffee, and fresh fish for dinners. Seattle is also big on sustainability and living green. I learned that the state of Washington is one of the “greenest” states in the nation. It was a very inspirational trip.

Diana Long at the University of Washington

Did Emily decide on a college? Not yet, we’ll be visiting Asheville and Montreal before the end of the year!

See below for more pictures of our trip.

To Your Success,

Diana Long

The Results Expert

Diana Long Hiking In The Woods

Me, Diana Long, hiking in the woods.

A 300 year old Redwood.

A perfect rose.

The Pacific Coast

The Pacific coast.