Want better results in your business and in your personal life?

Most of us do.

Problem is that sometimes we get stuck and feel like we’re on a treadmill, working hard but achieving less than our heart’s desire.

We’ve all been there, right? Who hasn’t  gotten “jazzed” about  new financial goals, weight loss  or fitness program ?  These new initiatives start off  with our  enthusiasm and positive intentions in place.

Unfortunately, things can start to go in the wrong direction quickly if you haven’t  set up simple structures to support your success  so that you can’t help but succeed. The failure rate in self-initiated programs is rather dismal. (Weight loss and getting back into shape are classic examples.) However, impressive results do come from participation in facilitated step-by-step programs that include personal coaching and accountability.

The best place to start is clearly defining what you want to achieve. Take out some paper,brainstorm, lay out your plans, strategy + actions steps, THEN take time to design your life in such a way that its easy to take the actions you need to make it happen.. Take a bold stand for what is important to you and organize yourself around this priority goal.

Here’s a case in point: One of my clients, a very successful businessman with both a thriving brick and mortar business and an information product internet business, needed a better, more efficient way to achieve his dreams: to create an ongoing series of informational products. In a coaching meeting, we explored to shape his environment so that he achieved his goals, quickly and effectively.

His problem? He was so busy with both of his businesses, family and community commitments that he couldn’t find the time to work on this important project. It kept getting pushed back and he was becoming frustrated with lack of progress with his goal.

His solution?  A solo-weekend. He checked into a nearby hotel, turned off all electronic devices (no cell, no internet, no distractions of any kind)..and guess what? He was able to fully be present to his writing project.  Mission accomplished: His newest e-book is complete and is now selling briskly.

The key is to truth. What do you  honestly need to be successful with this current project?  Do you need to clear your calendar and focus ONLY on this goal for a week? Do you need lots of body-care ( massages ,good food, and creative environment to be your absolute best?  Give yourself permission to design your life to support your goals.

Life’s too short for regrets and following other peoples rules.

To launch your dreams, become more mindful of how you can design your life, your time and your actions and watch the magic happen!