This past week, I had a great conversation with my friend and colleague, Tiamo. We discussed everything, catching up on life and family and comparing notes on authoring our new books.

The conversation morphed into such an interesting topic.

Tiamo asked me how I planned to market my new book, Dream It, Design It, Live It- The Ultimate Guide to Manifesting Your Next-Level Life. (Which I am excited to share will be published on October 26, 2023 by Hybrid Global! More on that to come!)

If he had asked me this last year, I would have an entirely different answer than what I shared with him.

Last year, I would have clicked into automatic mode of what I “should” do in terms of marketing. I would have researched all the various recommended strategies, hired additional team members, invested in multiple programs and tools, and geared up for a lot of “hustle and grind.” Makes me tired to think of it!

What shifted? I have decided to play the “long game” with my book and allow it to come into the world and show me who and what it is vs. me trying to make things happen in a certain way. Forcing outcomes has never worked for me! Sure, I’ll be doing marketing “things’ to create visibility. Like a good steward, I’ll set the stage for success as the book enters the world. I’m just not going to create pressure for it to perform a certain way.

Maybe Oprah or Tony Robbins will read it.

Maybe they won’t.

That’s OK.

My intention is to honor this book, which has been in me for a very long time, and celebrate that now it’s ready! I welcome the opportunities and synchronicities that will come once the book makes its way into the world.

I’ve created my success blueprint, have the tools and support to make it happen, AND I will let the plan evolve, and as it does, I will respond and fine-tune my actions all along the way. In the meantime….

No extra pressure. No “shoulds”. No unreasonable expectations.

I choose joy.

I choose adventure.

I choose to trust in the highest and best outcomes.

What about you? How do you define success? What are your criteria? How will you know when you are “successful”?


The big mistake many of us make is setting blockbuster goals that look and sound amazing but are not rooted in what is truly authentic for us.

Western culture promotes bigger, better, and more to the extent that it is never enough. We measure our success by the “bling” we are fed by mainstream and social media to aspire to high fame and fortune. (While there’s nothing wrong with these, and they might very well be on your “list” of ingredients for success, there is more to this story…)

I call it the “Big Why.”

Whatever your Next-level Goal is...Ask Why.

Why do you want a wildly successful business?

 If you want lots of money, I ask you, why?


 What would a boatload of money allow you the freedom to do?


“True Success” is directly related to our cherished values. What is near and dear to your heart: Your significant other? Your children? Your spirituality? Your contributions to the community? Your creativity?

One of my Mastermind members had a massive breakthrough in her business growth when she connected to her “ Big Why. One of Sam’s core values is giving back to her community. She is incredibly passionate about supporting underprivileged mothers and children. By embracing her “Big Why,” Sam discovered a powerful force within herself; she immediately decided to allocate some of her business profits to an organization supporting women and children. Her business plan now has “Soul,” and Sam is re-energized.

She found her “Big Why”.

So here’s the Big Question: What is your Next-Level Goal? Equally as important…what is your “Big Why”?

Connecting to your “Big Why” will revive your passion, fueling and inspiring your life and work.

What a beautiful thing!


Ready to create your Next-Level Life?

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