How do you define success? What are your criteria? How will you know when you are “successful”?

How we define our success is completely unique to us! True success is a recipe based on our own blend of ingredients. 

The mistake most entrepreneurs make is measuring their success by the Media’s Yardstick, which consists of fame and fortune. Wonderful measurements, to be sure; while these might very well be on your “list” of ingredients for success, there is more to this story…

I call it the “Big Why.” Why do you want a wildly successful business? If you want lots of money, I ask you why.

What will a boatload of money allow you the freedom to do?

“True Success” is directly related to our cherished values.

What is near and dear to your heart: Your significant other? Your children? Your spirituality? Your contributions to community? Your creativity?

Have you designed your business with your core values in mind?

One of my Mastermind members, Debbye Cannon, recently had a huge breakthrough in her business plan and growth when she connected to her “Big Why”. Debbye’s business,, helps business owners (who are moms) organize their lives and offices for business and life success. One of Debbye’s core values is giving back to her community. She is especially passionate about supporting underprivileged mothers and children. By embracing her “Big Why”, Debbye discovered a powerful force within herself; she immediately decided to allocate a portion of her business profits to an organization that supports women and children. Her business plan now has “Soul” and Debbye is re-energized!

So here’s the Big Question for you: Have you designed your business to honor yourself and your core values? 

I promise you that connecting to your “Big Why” will revive your passion, which will fuel and inspire your work. When that happens, we all win.

Don’t hold back; give it all you’ve got. Let me know your results!

To Your Success,

Diana Long

The Results Expert