A recent study by the AMA (American Management Association) cited by Agatha Gilmore of Talent Management magazine clearly shows the value and benefits of coaching. Learn more by reading her excerpted article:

The study, “Coaching: A Global Study of Successful Practices,” surveyed more than 1,000 business leaders around the world and found use of coaching as a means of increasing individual productivity was up.

Nearly 60 percent of North American companies use coaching for high potentials frequently or a great deal, and about 42 percent use coaching of executives to the same extent. These percentages were higher in the international sample.

Regardless of what kind of coaches an organization chooses, the AMA study showed, in these troubled economic times, organizations likely will find more value than ever in leveraging coaching.

“Generally speaking, our team believes that coaching will continue to expand and mature as an important leadership development practice,” said the authors. “We expect that coaching will become one of the keys to developing and retaining scarce talent in the future, and we think companies that learn to leverage it well will have a significant competitive advantage in the global marketplace.”

To see a full copy of the free AMA study, visit www.amanet.org and register to view the materials. [About the Author: Agatha Gilmore is an associate editor for Talent Management magazine.]

The bottom line? Entrepreneurs are not unlike the high achievers within corporate walls. Using the strategy of hiring a coach to accelerate your personal and business growth and increase your potential is just a plain smart thing to do. Research says so!

To Your Success,

Diana Long

The Results Expert