How do I serve my clients?

As a transformational life coach helping people navigate important transitions (career, divorce, empty nest, reinvention), I partner with clients one-on-one and offer retreats in beautiful, sunny San Diego.

As a transformational business coach and consultant, I work with entrepreneurs and leaders to help them develop their businesses and/or marketing strategies. My clients represent a wide variety of expertise (e.g., coaches, consultants, wellness practitioners, subject matter experts, authors).

In the corporate world, I provide training and coaching for leaders and their teams to help them transform their status quo into positive, viable, bottom-line results for their companies.

Partnering with my clients, I draw upon my professional background as well as my daily meditation and yoga practice, ballroom dancing and practical marketing and business-building savvy to lead them toward joyful, balanced lives.

Today, I find myself happily working with executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and other smart, successful professionals who are wondering how they can turn up the volume in their lives and have all the happiness, wealth, and personal and professional success they’ve only dared to dream about.

I have this uncanny ability—intuition, you might call it—to see that “thing” in a person, the thing that is going to take them to the next level of happiness and personal fulfillment. I unearth their hidden talents (hint: that’s where the gold is) and empower my clients to magically weave their talents into something that is exactly right for them.

How do I do it? Okay, I’ll let you in on my secret: I listen. I mean, really listen.

And then, because I’m as practical and strategic as I am intuitive, we roll up our sleeves and partner together to design the blueprint for the perfect life and business that is waiting for you.

I’ve helped ambitious, successful clients reach unprecedented levels of wellness, happiness and unshakable satisfaction.

Business, affluence, health, well-being, centering, grounding, life purpose, family and love—it’s all connected, and it’s all crucial to your personal and professional development.

Together, we’ll unpack your biggest, wildest, and most overwhelming dreams into practical, manageable steps.

Ready to start designing your DREAM life? Your DREAM business?

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Curious about one-on-one Design Your Dream Life and Business Coaching?

Have questions about how you and your team can become more engaged and successful?

That’s what almost every client says at some point in our work together.

In fact, my whole life has been about “getting” people.

I knew from an early age ( junior high, now called middle school ) that I loved to connect deeply with people. I was and still am fascinated by people’s life stories, challenges and positive transformation.

My professional experience and credentials include my Bachelor’s degree in psychology and my Master’s degree in Counseling. I am proudly certified with several coaching designations including: Certified Graduate of Coach U (CGCU), Certified Life Coach (CLC), Spiritual Coach (CSLC), Board Certified Coach (BCC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I am also certified in a variety of behavioral assessments, including the DISC and PIAV. I am on the faculty of Life Purpose Institute (accredited by the ICF) as a senior instructor and mentor coach.

Curious about one-on-one Design Your Dream Life and Business Coaching?
Have questions about how you and your team can become more engaged and successful?

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