Did you know that writing down your goals, dreams and desires is a power move that ensures that you manifest results with more ease and speed?

What if I told you that if you handwriting your goals is better than using your computer, tablet or phone notes?

It’s true!



Neuroscience research reveals that there are several benefits to writing down your goals the old-fashioned way of writing them down on paper. Turns out that when we take pen to paper, it activates different centers in your brain that impact  our memory, processing, recall, and commitment.

That’s powerful.

Another way to amplify success even further is to write down your goal with emotion. What would it feel like to have and be the goal you desire?


My client, Hannah put this to the test. Here is what she wrote down as her top goal: I generate more income by launching my new program by X date. I reflected to her, it’s an interesting goal, how do you feel about it? She replied, it’s what I want, but it doesn’t have much energy to it. I don’t feel inspired by it.

This is a good example of what I call a goal without soul.

I invited Hannah to do a Vivid Vision Exercise, which is to expand on the goal and write it out by hand in her journal, what the goal looks and FEELS like.


Here is the new version her goal:

I am grateful and delighted that my online program is a smash success. It sold out within one week of its launch. The participants are raving about the value and impact that it has provided the, they are thrilled and have shared testimonials and referrals.


I am excited and happy that I am the “messenger” of this content and that I make a difference in the lives of others. It  feels so good! The ripple effect of my program is that it creates more positivity in the world.


I am grateful that I am richly rewarded, and my bank account now has 30 K more in it as a result of offering this program. It is very satisfying to feel the significance of being paid well for the contributions that I make. It feels amazing. I am grateful.


The energy in the vivid description is palpable. It’s top of mind, it is memorable!

You can amplify your success by opting to handwrite your goals and action plans vs. using electronic devices to capture  our notes. I’m not saying that you have entirely give up your Notes or Word on your devices, but once you know that you  an achieve your goals faster and easier by optimizing on your brain’s capacities, it only makes sense. It’s worth doing! So get a nice journal and start feeling and writing your top goals.


Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Keep a dedicated notebook for goals, dreams and action plans.
  2. Use vivid description for your goals. Use words that convey how you will feel in the having of it. Doing this  emotionalizes” the goal and helps you to imprint it even more deeply in your conscious mind.
  3. Review your list of goals often. Repeating them out loud is another great amplifier.


Say hello to your new life, because you’ve just ushered it in with this process. Write it down, make it happen!



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